You'll Have To Wait Even Longer For John Wick 2

Seriously, guys?

For Australia's largest cinema chain, at least. Event Cinemas has updated its John Wick: Chapter 2 listing, and finally has an official release date for the film.

The second John Wick flick will hit Event Cinemas Australia's 67 cinema complexes around the country on May 11.

That's a wait of three more weeks longer than Queensland cinema chain Cineplex's opening date of April 20th, and a total wait of 13 weeks after the movie's international premiere.

(Thanks for the tip, John -- who also told us "the Australian distributor appears to be totally out of touch with the average movie goer.")

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    I watched John Wick last night on TV and I think the whole mass killing could've been avoided if the Russian mafia king pin had (edited because spoilers).

    Instead the king pin took actions that continually reinforced Wick's escalating violence against him.

    As a movie, not bad.

    then we wonder why movies are pirated. If the Bluray or streaming version is released Overseas before the movie is released in cinemas in Aus .....

    What is with you and John Wick dude?

      I just wanna see the movie!

        Seriously, guys?. stop talking about it already who cares, see the movie or shamelessly promote it and keep it in the public eye for another 15 months?
        The original was ok it was nothing great.
        Just stop bombarding the feed with this constant dribble. go report and investigate on some gizmo already.

          I reckon hey, report on something technological, do a massive article on the different projectors various cinemas will use to screen John Wick 2 when it is eventually released in Australia after such a long delay

            Judging from the comments on this article you realise you guys are in the minority right?

            Not to mention Gizmodo's mission statement "Gizmodo loves technology + entertainment
            We're obsessed with the gadgets, car tech, science and geek culture that change the way we live."

            And the thing I really don't understand when people get upset about things like this is that it really doesn't take much effort to scroll past an article you're not interested in. It takes way more time and effort to submit a comment complaining about not wanting to read the article you've just read...

              Sorry, the humorous intent of my reply was lost in being typed, I was having a dig at Seriouslyguys becuase I think an article about "some gizmo" that also combines the love of John Wick 2 would be just what they would enjoy.

              This is why I am not a comedian :(

            Don't even tempt me.

            "Here Are All The Cinemas You Can Watch John Wick 2 In 4K And Dolby Atmos At"

            I have the power and the sheer bloody-mindedness to make this happen.

              See my response above, my bad :(

              I would LOVE to read that article BTW

          If you dislike these articles so much, Why do you read and comment on them?

            Because this is a forum, you're supposed to be able to have an opinion!
            Besides, I've seen you bitch and moan about irrelevancies many times.

    Forget them, I'll import the blu ray. It'll likely be out on Amazon before it's out in cinemas here.

    I'm not going to go see it when it comes out, simply because of them sitting on their hands for so long. I'll instead rent it from Google when they have a half price or 99 cent rental deal going.

    Finally some closure :)

    Will most likely end up watching it before the release date in AUS anyway haha

    Must be a NSW thing (sorry).
    Village Cinemas in Victoria is also listing an April 20 release date.

      The distributor only just today announced that it's been moved to May 11. Will take a few days for some cinemas to update their info.

        Just found on VILLAGE CINEMAS release date showing 18 May. We don't seem to have a concrete release date at all (despite 2 doing over twice the $$ as 1)

    wow that incredibly disappointing, its already a small movie in the grand scheme and theres no way its going to do 'well' on the level the movie industry runs at with this crap

    Lol... just looked up the release date for the bluray/dvd of john wick 2.... looks like its dropping in may in the usa. (Pre-orders from usa retail.).

    I had the DVD of the blair witch project 1 week before it came out at the movies here.... how have we fallen down so far.... (I will be tunneling via vpn to fhe usa so i can play Mass Effect Andromeda on release not 2 days after.)

      I'll be playing it seven days early with EA Access :P

    Oh you've got to be fucking kidding >:( I happened upon this article while watching some of the special features on JW1 just now. Fuck it I'm just going to find another way to watch it. Shame.

    Well I just watched the worst cam job of JW #2 on an unnamed streaming site and it was goood!
    Cant wait to see it in HD

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