Jamie Chung Will Play Teleporting Mutant Blink In Matt Nix’s X-Men Show

Jamie Chung Will Play Teleporting Mutant Blink In Matt Nix’s X-Men Show

The still-untitled X-Men TV show has named its first comic book mutant — Jamie Chung will play New Mutants reservist Blink in the new series from Matt Nix. Turns out, given what little we know of the show so far, Blink’s actually a pretty smart choice to have around.

New Mutants #34 cover by Jorge Molina.

Marvel and Fox confirmed Chung’s casting today — the second of the show behind Blair Redford. Although Redford’s role wasn’t specifically clarified — he’s playing a mutant named “Sam,” and that’s all we know — Chung’s casting is the first mutant directly from the comics confirmed for the new series. Marvel’s announcement describes Blink (aka Clarice Fong, rather than her name of Clarice Ferguson in the comics) as a “sarcastic and lively tomboy” who is mentally scarred by a recent “sudden and traumatic upheaval of her life.” It’s not the first time Blink’s been brought to live action — Fan Bingbing briefly played the character in X-Men: Days of Future Past‘s future-set scenes, where she was quickly killed off by the Sentinels.

In the comics, Blink actually has quite a checkered history. She died shortly after she was introduced, helping fellow mutants kidnapped by a race of evil cyborgs called the Phalanx by sacrificing herself. After that, she was resurrected by Hellfire Club villainess Selene, and spent a lengthy period of time serving her after Selene mentally manipulated her, only to eventually be brought into the fold as a student at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning back in 2011. There’s actually an alternate version of Blink that most comic fans are probably more familiar with: the version from the comic world’s “Age of Apocalypse” timeline (where, you guessed it, Apocalypse rules the world) that eventually played a major part in the cross-dimensional superteam, the Exiles.

In the grand scheme of things Blink is a pretty minor mutant character, but it’s likely she’ll play an important role on Nix’s new show. The series is described as following a family that, in a world openly hostile to mutantkind, is forced to go on the run and integrate into an underground network of mutant resistance fighters. What better mutant power for a group of people who need to hide from the watchful eyes of the government than the ability to teleport your way over the world in an instant?

We’ll bring you more on the new X-Men TV show as we learn it.