It's Okay Everyone, Sea Turtles Are Going To Be Fine

Image: iStock

The gender of sea turtles is determined by their nest temperature - an increase in nest temperature means more females, and if this temperature rise is constant, they literally run out of males to breed with.

Since global temperatures can be conservatively described as "rising at an alarming rate never before seen what on Earth are we doing to this planet send help any help", it's easy to see why this would be a concern. But it's going to be fine. Seriously.

Australian researchers say the concerns are "unfounded" showing that male embryos have higher rates of survival than females, and adult males breed more frequently than adult females. This is counteracting the female nest bias, so even at high temperatures the ratio of breeding males to females will remain balanced.

Well, that's a relief. Now we just need to take care of all the other threats to their existence.

[Royal Society Publishing]

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