It’s Finally Easy To Watch Other Space, The Best Sci-Fi Comedy You’ve Never Seen

It’s Finally Easy To Watch Other Space, The Best Sci-Fi Comedy You’ve Never Seen

Do you remember Paul Feig’s sci-fi comedy Other Space? You’ll be forgiven for saying no. The 2015 series premiered on Yahoo Screen and felt like it promptly vanished off the face of the Earth because of it. Which is a damn shame, because it’s bloody brilliant — and now, it’s actually easy to watch in its entirety (for free!), which is something you totally should do.

Other Space followed the profoundly dysfunctional crew of the UMP Cruiser, after they get stranded in another universe during their first mission. The cast was stacked with great comedians including MST3K‘s Joel Hodgson; a pre-Ghostbusters reboot Neil Casey; and Eugene Cordero, who’s basically been in everything. There were only eight episodes in the first season, but Screen’s geolocking meant that not only did Other Space not really have much of an audience, the chance for more was all but gone when Screen itself shuttered early last year — and with it, we lost a smart, incredibly funny sci-fi sitcom.

The rights to the show have reverted back to Feig, who understandably feels like Other Space got a rough deal. But speaking to Splitsider recently, Feig said he wanted to turn that around by attempting to drum up some enthusiasm for the show — something he and former showrunner Owen Ellickson could then use to pitch another season of Other Space to networks. Such enthusiasm should be easy to find now, as Feig has made the entire first season is now available to watch, from anywhere in the world, on the show’s own Tumblr. For free!

So when you’ve got a moment, check it out — you won’t regret it, and hopefully it leads to Other Space finding new life on TV.

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