Hey, Wanna Talk About Who’s The Best Fighter In The Batman Family?

Hey, Wanna Talk About Who’s The Best Fighter In The Batman Family?

Apparently, Batman writer Tom King just wants to see the world burn. Why else would he post a ranking of Bat-family members, according to fighting skill, and place the Dark Knight himself THIRD on the list?

Tom King is a smart man. A skilled writer. And yet he tweeted out the aforementioned list earlier this week, in response to a reader query.

Predictably, folks have had a lot to say about it. Me, I’m totally fine with the top half of that list. But that lower five? I’d bump Tim Drake up to #6, since he’s trained with master killer-for-hire Lady Shiva in at least one continuity and is generally written as smart enough to improvise on the fly.

I’d keep Jason Todd — who has spent time with the League of Assassins in some storylines — Duke Thomas and Stephanie Brown at #7, 8, and 9 respectively, and slide Helena down to 10. Duke and Stephanie probably know enough to take on multiple thugs and mid-list villains but I don’t see them having multi-disciplinary acumen. As for Helena Bertinelli (the current version), she’s likely very sneaky and/or vicious, but is generally too impulsive to be strategic.

It’s your turn, Bat-fight fans. Jump into the comments and re-jigger this top ten list as you see fit. Remember: (1) let’s be polite here, and (2) anyone can beat anyone if the writer wants.