This Flawlessly Detailed Tiny Replica Of Seinfeld's Apartment Costs $US400

It's quite possibly one of the most recognisable apartments in TV history, and if you've been looking to fill a Costanza-sized hole in your heart ever since the show went off the air, you can now own a tiny replica of the Seinfeld apartment, recreated with an incredible attention to detail.

Inside this 1:26-scale replica of Jerry's apartment, which measures over 41cm across, you'll find over 100 miniature elements including furniture, plates and cups in the kitchen cupboards, an Apple Macintosh perched on a desk near the window, and even a working front door just waiting for a tiny Kramer to slide through.

Everything in the replica apartment has been made from metal, plastic, wood and fabric with a hand-painted finish so the apartment looks like it's been lived in, and part of countless misadventures.

The only thing missing is a laugh track, but thankfully sitcoms have moved on from them since Seinfeld was last on the air.

[Seinfeld Set Replica]

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