Deals: You Can Get Motion Sensor Lights For Your Toilet Now

Deals: You Can Get Motion Sensor Lights For Your Toilet Now

If you’re tired of stumbling around in the dark during those late-night bathroom breaks, the solution is here. The IllumiBowl 2.0 boasts a longer battery life, an improved motion sensor, and a three-stage dimmer to make sure you have no problem locating your porcelain throne.

This motion-sensing light clips onto your toilet bowl and bathes it in a shower of rotating colors and patterns when you enter the bathroom. It fits any toilet, and it’s easy to clean by wiping it with a cloth. Plus, the IllumiBowl’s bright and vibrant colors make it a perfect tool for toilet training children.

You can outfit your toilet with the IllumiBowl 2.0 for only $17 AUD [$12.99 USD], marked down from the original $25 AUD.

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