Deals: This Is How You Can Quickly Learn A New Language Online

Deals: This Is How You Can Quickly Learn A New Language Online

Hello…salut…ciao…hola…ni hao. If your command of a foreign language barely extends beyond that simple greeting, then the Rosetta Stone Language Learning software was created for you.

Rosetta Stone is a household name because it doesn’t just walk you through rote memorization exercises; it focuses on interactive instruction that helps you truly master a new language. Once you’re able to identify simple words and connect them with images, you’ll start bringing those words together and forming basic sentences.

After tackling basic conversational skills, you’ll move into more advanced dialogue, where Rosetta Stone’s award-winning interactivity and speech-recognition technology improves your speaking skills by analyzing the words you say up to 100 times per second.

Right now, take advantage of this huge 39% off discount — and get one of nine Rosetta Stone packages (English [from the U.S. or the U.K.], Spanish [from Spain or Latin America], French, Italian, German, Russian, or Mandarin Chinese) at just A$194.41 for a limited time.

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