Captain America: Civil War Is Captured Perfectly In This Insanely Epic New Poster

Captain America: Civil War Is Captured Perfectly In This Insanely Epic New Poster

The genius of Captain America: Civil War is how it tells a seemingly small, personal story through such a huge, exciting framework. “Huge, exciting framework” is also a great way to describe Mondo’s poster for the film by artist Tyler Stout, which was just revealed and will be released Thursday.

Stout’s style is unique and instantly recognisable. He believes if you love a movie, you love the details of that movie, and his posters are completely jam-packed with every little morsel from a movie he can fit in. That style has made him a favourite among collectors and just about the perfect person for a movie like Civil War, which has so many characters.

Enough bullshitting — here’s the poster, which will go on sale Thursday. Details below.

This is the regular version, a 24 x 91cm edition of 750, which costs $US65 ($85).

This is the variant, a 24 x 91cm edition of 350, which costs $US110 ($143).

Finally, this is the metal edition, a 24 x 36 sheet of freaking metal in an edition of 80. It costs $US350 ($456).

All of these posters go on sale Thursday, February 23 at a random time. The @MondoNews Twitter will announce the sale, but the best bet would be to continually refresh the Mondotees home page starting in the AM.

Stout is my favourite artist, to the point where I literally have an entire room in my apartment filled with his art. I love the hand-drawn feel of his work — the fact you find new details in a piece each and every time you look at it. Looking at one of his posters is like an explosion of nostalgia. You look at his poster for, say, The Monster Squad, and the entire movie is downloaded into your conscious in an instant. All of the details he puts into one busy, beautiful image almost subconsciously bring you back through time to when you first saw the film. It’s a nice feeling and, hopefully, you can continue that feeling with Civil War.

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