Bali In 360-Degree 4K Looks Better Than It Ever Has

Bali is a lovely place, if you get out of Kuta and travel to somewhere nice and picturesque like Ubud. That's exactly where filmmaker Sam Evans went when he put together this 360-degree 4K video, which makes Australia's favourite holiday destination look nicer than it has any right to.

To get the most out of this video, it's actually worth watching it on your phone rather than on your desktop; that way, you can spin around and take a proper look at the world around you. It's a pretty hefty file to download, though, so make sure you're on Wi-Fi.

Skyscanner flew Evans over to Bali to film the video, to promote its trip-planning and booking app. As well as that, Skyscanner's behind-the-scenes also serves as a great itinerary of things to do off the beaten track. [YouTube / SkyScanner]

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