Amaysim Now Has Unlimited Data NBN Plans

Amaysim's unique brand of no-nonsense, customer-focused service is coming to Australia's national broadband network. Here's hoping that it'll be a breath of fresh air in an otherwise frustrating mire of different technologies and speeds. In the next three months, you'll be able to sign up to unlimited NBN plans, with the promise of no hidden fees.

What do you pay, how much data do you get, and what speed is it? It's simple. You'll pay $60 per month for a 12/1Mbps unlimited data plan with no lock-in contract. If you want 25/5Mbps, you'll pay $70 a month. If you want 100/40Mbps, you'll pay $90 a month.

You can register your interest here to be notified when the service goes live.

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