All The Incredible Toys We Saw At New York Toy Fair This Weekend

All The Incredible Toys We Saw At New York Toy Fair This Weekend

Every February, toy makers descended on New York for the annual Toy Fair event, giving us a taste of all the goodies that will inevitably have us emptying our wallets over the next year or so. As usual, Gizmodo descended right there with them. Here’s all our coverage, just in case you missed it.


Star Wars

Before things kicked off in New York, we got a first look at Hasbro’s plans for new toys celebrating the 40th anniversary of Star Wars, from tiny figurines to full-on replica lightsabers.

Spin Masters’ new BB-8 might be one of the best Star Wars toys we’ve ever seen. It’s gosh darn adorable, too.

One of the biggest highlights pf the entire Toy Fair was a new range of 15cm action figures inspired by the very first Star Wars figures — complete with retro packaging, as well as a wonderful homage to the infamous Kenner Early Bird gift set in 1977.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Marvel’s next movie was out in full force at Toy Fair. We got our best look yet at Kurt Russell’s majestically bearded take on Ego the Living Planet, a very depressed looking dancing Groot and a seriously strange Yondu figure. Oh my, those teeth.

Spider-Man and Even More Marvel

Guardians wasn’t the only movie merchandise shown off. Hasbro also brought out Spider-Man: Homecoming toys, giving us a good look at Tony Stark’s latest armour.

We also got an early look at the next entries in the company’s line of high-end “role-play” replica toys: Star-Lord’s helmet and a Mjolnir anyone can be worthy of wielding.

Hasbro also revealed a ton of new figures covering the whole Marvel Comics pantheon. We are two significant steps closer to having Nextwave toys, and I couldn’t be happier.

DC Comics

DC kicked things off with a look at the first set of Wonder Woman dolls from Mattel, featuring the shiniest hair, the most luxurious battle gear and some really fabulous horses.

We also got an early look at what’s in store for DC’s line of Bombshells figurines, retro pinup takes on classic DC female heroes that blend cheesecake and badarsery into some great designs.

As ever, Batman was a big factor in toys this year. His upgraded Justice League Batmobile is getting a swanky RC version, complete with its own vaping exhaust smoke.

And, because he’s Batman, there’s also a giant robot toy that has controllable fists embedding in its wings. This thing is rad as hell.

And the Rest

Playmobil is putting out a whole series of awesome toys based on the original Ghostbusters movies, and yes, we would like all of them right now, please, thank you.

LEGO revealed a huge new Pirates of the Caribbean ghost ship set — one that can actually contort itself like it’s about to take a bite out of the nearest ship.

This Transformers Monopoly board is covered in art so good you can literally hang it up on your wall after you’re done arguing with your friends and family while playing it.

This new Belle doll can’t just dance her way across the floor like she’s in Beast’s ballroom, she also helps teach kids the basic principles of programming, too.

The new version of Simon Says brings itself into the 21st century as a new head-mounted wearable that, at a pinch, could also double up for a great “’90s movie computer hacker” costume.

Nerf continued to weaponize foam in ways no one could ever imagine — first by revealing a machine gun that could spew out foam balls at an alarming rate, and then another blaster that shoots cars. Madness.

Finally, Andrew might have accidentally adopted a very freaky-looking but incredibly lifelike toy baby. You know, as you do at any big convention.