Zack Snyder Made A Silly, Secret Cameo In Batman V Superman

Some shots are just not important enough to bother the expensive actor with. For example, if all you need is a close-up of a body part that isn't the face, somebody standing around the set can step in. And sometimes that someone is the director.

Image: Batman v Superman, WB

In this case, cinematographer Larry Fong was answering questions on Twitter when he revealed that director Zack Snyder made a very small cameo playing "Bruce Wayne's hands" in the part of the movie where Bruce goes to watch a fight club as part of his plan to track down the White Portuguese.

He then picks up a phone and there's a close-up of it; according to Fong, the hands holding the phone are Snyder's.

And here's the explanation why:

So Bruce Wayne in the DC Expanded Universe is 95 per cent Ben Affleck, five per cent Zack Snyder. And now you know.

[Twitter via Cinema Blend]

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