We May Need To Wait A Little Longer For The Han Solo Movie

We May Need To Wait A Little Longer For The Han Solo Movie

Iain Glen talks bringing more characters together for the climax of Game of Thrones. Get a look at a new alien from Valerian. Jeremy Jordan teases what’s in store for Winn on Supergirl. Plus, new behind the scenes footage from The Great Wall, and a suitably strange teaser for the return of Agents of SHIELD. To me, my spoilers!

Han Solo Anthology

A new report from Making Star Wars hints that the film could have been pushed back from its original May release date to 13 December 2018, after the success of both The Force Awakens and Rogue One‘s December releases.

It should be noted that, if this ends up being true — and nothing has been officially confirmed just yet — its possible that Disney and Lucasfilm have been mulling over this change for a while. While the original announcement of Phil Lord and Chris Miller’s involvement with the film included the May release dates, the casting announcements of Emilia Clarke and Donald Glover have simply had a nebulous “2018” date.

Kong: Skull Island

Here are two new viral-style twitter videos covering Tom Hiddleston’s character, James Conrad, and a brief tease of Kong himself.

Here’s another mysterious video.

Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Empire has a photo of Dan Makata, an ambassador on Alpha Station, which Luc Besson describes as peaceful, cultural location:

Most of the time when you see aliens in a film, they’re trying to destroy things. But Alpha is the city of science and culture: everybody is exchanging knowledge. It’s a very rich world.

A Cure for Wellness

Here are four suitably weird promo trailers for the film.

The Great Wall

Go behind-the-scenes of the movie in a new featurette.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Batman wishes you all the best for 2017 in a new teaser.

Cars 3

Here’s a (rather low-quality) teaser for the new trailer for the film.

Game of Thrones

Iain Glen, AKA Jorah Mormont, teases more characters’ stories overlapping in the next season:

This season you feel that the drama is moving towards its end game, more characters are overlapping so we are seeing a lot more of each other, than perhaps in the past. In the same scenes and we are going to the same places.

[Radio Times]


Jeremy Jordan discusses Winn’s evolution, now that he’s flown the CatCo coop:

I think we’re seeing Winn as a person through how he handles his business and his confrontations with James. We see that while being the sort of irrational fanboy, he’s actually one of the more rational characters around. He’s trying to think of everybody’s well being and how things work out. At this point, there’s not a whole lot that we see of Winn’s personal life, but I certainly can’t discount it in the future. There’s a lot of fun stuff coming up, but it all involves the DEO and adventures that Winn gets to go on. I think that this has sort of become his life at this point. We also see Winn dealing with this potential Kara/Mon-El relationship that’s been budding. That’s not going to be an easy thing for him to deal with.



Sasha Roiz discusses Captain Renard’s relationship with his daughter.

His daughter plays a large role in his life, and I kind of like that element. There’s this beautiful paternal instinct that kicks in in Renard whenever she’s around. As the season progresses, it’s very imperative that he’s there for her, because she becomes the target of something possibly very dangerous. He has to step it up.

We’ll say he’s still Renard, so he sees the potential of “Maybe I lost all this, but I’ve got this little lady who is quite a powder keg, so possibly I can use that to my advantage.” And he certainly does manipulate that a little bit. He’s still Renard, come on!

[TV Line]

Agents of SHIELD

Zoom in on this photo, and you’ll see the titles of episodes 11 through 14 of the season.

They are, courtesy of Heroic Hollywood:

Episode 4×11, “Wake Up”

Episode 4×12, “Hot Potato Soup”

Episode 4×13, “BOOM”

Episode 4×14, “The Man Behind the Shield”

A new poster for the second half of the season references Strange Tales #135, which features the first appearance of a Life Model Decoy in a Marvel comic. [CBR]

The Magic School Bus

A reboot of the beloved animated series is in development. Producer Stu Stone, who voiced Ralphie on the original series, says many of the original classmate voice actors have signed on for new roles.



Finally, here’s a new synopsis for episode three of the second season, “Parabati Lost”.

Everyone is on the hunt for Jace for their own individual reasons.

Already cut off from the Institute and his friends, Jace finds his situation worsen when he becomes a target for the New York wolf pack who believe Jace to be a killer. And don’t forget about Aldertree and the Shadowhunters who continue their own hunt for Jace! With Jace becoming the most wanted man in New York, can his friends get to him before everyone else?

Meanwhile, Simon is on a search of his own as Raphael puts pressure on him to find Camille.

[Spoilers Daily]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.