Watch These Cats Recap The Expanse Season One, Or Better Yet, Just Watch The Expanse

Video: A) This 100 per cent exists because of the Julie Mao/Julie Meow and "recat" puns; B) There's like a billion plot points missing because The Expanse is big and a slow-burn mystery for most of season one; C) Please never imply that I'm watching cats have sex in zero gravity again.

Image: Still from the Expanse Season One Recat, Syfy

Look, you can watch this 90-second video. It doesn't really make The Expanse, a great show, look good to someone who's never seen it.

Instead, I recommend watching The Expanse. It's 10 episodes, on Netflix and worth it. You have plenty of time before season two starts on February 1 in the US.


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