Watch SpaceX Launch Its Latest Rocket Into Space

Image: SpaceX

In case you missed it, SpaceX launched its first rocket into space since September over the weekend. If you did miss it, don't stress: you can watch along every step of the way right here.

SpaceX's launch, originally planned for January 9, was slightly delayed, but went off yesterday without a hitch. The Falcon 9 carried 10 Iridium NEXT satellites into a low Earth orbit on its mission, and the second stage of the rocket — y'know, the bit that actually goes into space — successfully deployed them around 74 minutes into the journey. NEXT is Iridium's latest generation of global comms satellites, covering the entire globe with high-bandwidth voice and data.

The first stage of the Falcon 9 is the portion that SpaceX has designed to be fully reusable, and took less than eight minutes to separate from the second stage and land on the rocket company's droneship. It's really cool. Watch that part at around 26 minutes into the 100-minute webcast above.

It also provided the opportunity for some beautiful photography:

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