Watch A Knife Attached To A Rocket Going 240km/h Slice The Hell Out Of Meat And Fruit

Video: Now this is some fun times. The Backyard Scientist strapped a kitchen knife to some homemade sugar rockets, put it on a track sprayed with graphite lubricant so it could cut things while zooming down at 240km/h, and then put various sliceable items on the other end to reach their imminent doom (for our infinite viewing pleasure).

A whole chicken, a chuck roast, a toy car, a pineapple and all sorts of other fruits got sliced in half before you could even realise what happened. The rocket knife flies down in a blinding fury and then the next thing you know, everything just slides apart because it got cut the hell up. It's so easy to chop things up with a rocket knife that you don't even see it happen.

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