Um, Deadpool Could Actually Get A Best Picture Oscar Nomination

No one takes the Golden Globes seriously. So when the awards show nominated Deadpool for Best Musical or Comedy Film, it was seen as fun nod for fans with no real weight. But the film has been lauded by multiple critics groups, it's been nominated for a Writers Guild Award and it won a Critics' Choice Award. Today, Deadpool was one of 10 films nominated by the prestigious and influential Producers Guild of America.

This all means Deadpool has a real shot at getting a Best Picture Oscar nomination.

There are a few reasons to say that. First, look at the other films selected by the PGA that Deadpool is up against: Arrival, Fences, Hacksaw Ridge, Hell or High Water, Hidden Figures, La La Land, Lion, Manchester by the Sea and Moonlight. All much more traditional "awards movies". It even got in over favourites Jackie and Silence. Then there's the fact many of the people who vote on the Oscars are part of these guilds. Their opinions don't change in the next few weeks. Traditionally, they vote on similar movies for everything.

Deadpool is also a very easily accessible film right now. It's on iTunes, Blu-ray -- if you want to see it you can. Most of the other films are either still in theatres, or only available to Academy members via screener, which maybe they have or maybe they don't.

In 2009, the Academy Awards upped the potential nominees for Best Picture from five to 10. The reason? People were disappointed that The Dark Knight, a critical and financial success released the previous year, wasn't nominated for Best Picture, thereby drawing in viewers with a big blockbuster, populous hit. Everyone figured from then on, they'd get six or seven more traditional movies, then three or four bigger, more popular movies, to get audiences watching the show. That has not happened. But maybe Deadpool will be the one.

It certainly fits the bill. The film is offbeat, well-written and acted and a massive hit. I'm not even that big a fan of it but I recognise that it's a film with some real creative merit. Apparently, in a year many consider to be weak for awards films, that kind of audacity is standing out.

Oscar nominations aren't due until January 13 and they will be revealed on January 24. This is all still up in the air but everyone voting has been keeping tabs on all the awards nominations and is reading the news stories. Deadpool is legitimately being considered an equal of these other films. It isn't a lock by any means, but it has a real shot.

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    It's my all time favourite film. I've seen a lot of great films over the past few years but this one takes the cake.

    As much as I enjoyed Deadpool I can't see it getting a best picture Oscar. I'd be surprised if Lalaland doesn't do a sweep.

      I dont think its about winning, more about just getting nominated. The bump to 10 was specifically so this type of movie can at least be recognised like they should.

      The issue is about how the commercially successful movies rarely even make that shortlist, and its a fair question.

        True, though there have been a few (Gladiator, Revenant come to mind). Maybe they need to split the awards a little like people choice or some of the others and have categories like best comedy, best drama and so on. Though I guess that would make an already long awards even more drawn out.

          It comes down to what they consider "best". At the moment, things have swung well in favor of artistic success and too far from commercial success. I dont mind if commercially successful movies dont win, just that there is more recognition than in the past.

          Last year was a good year, with more popcorny movies doing well, but its not always the case. Thats all. Even with last year, Star Wars took near on $3b, but couldnt win a single Oscar, and despite 5 nominations in other categories couldnt crack the Top 10. It just feels like its ignoring them BECAUSE they are popcorn movies.

          I dont think they need to split things, thats was the Golden Globes do, but the way they are heading back towards commercial success is a good thing. Last year was a pretty good mix, though I expect most people wouldnt have seen half the Best Picture nominations, even now.

            *shrugs* I don't think the last Star Wars deserved any Oscars. The story wasn't particularly original or groundbreaking and the acting was ok but nothing great (probably why it wasn't even nominated). The cinematography and sound were ok but not that amazing. FX were good, but I mean hell it was up against some good competition. Ex Machina an Mad Max deserved their awards. Same with Hateful 8 for score (cmon! it was Morricone).

            I guess the thing with the Oscars is they are (in their minds) voting on "art" not "entertainment". Which is why you often see different results between the various awards. From my point of view on say acting, it'd got to be harder for an actor like Redmayne in Danish Girl (I think he should have beaten Dicaprio) than someone like Matt Damon being Matt Damon in The Martian.

            Similarly, I think it's harder to direct or film a good intimate story than a whiz bang effects extravaganza. By that I mean you can cover flaws with explosions, or effects a lot easier than you can in a story without them.

              The issue is about why commercially successful movies are ignored so badly. Not even about winning. I was as surprised as anyone that Mad Max won so many last year, but its an example of how commercially successful movies should do.

              Do do that well they need to do plenty right, and what goes into something being Best Picture is more than just the acting, it takes sound, costumes, etc etc, and every movie operates equally there. The popcorn movies arent going to win any of the acting categories, outside special cases like Ledger's Joker performance, but if they can get 5 nominations in other areas (FYI, I happen to agree SW didnt deserve to win any either), surely they are in the top 10 for the year.

                I know what you're saying, but to be fair a lot of the "less artistic" categories * are won by commercially successful films. Stuff like hair and makeup or sound editing for example often go to films without a lot of artistic merit. I believe the problem with a lot of commercial successes is they're very formulaic and unoriginal. Which is a big sign of why they're successful. People like what they know and are less willing to take a shot at something a bit unusual.

                I'd take the Transformers movies or a lot of the superhero movies as good examples. They're basically a simplistic heroes journey with a lot of flashy special effects tacked on. There was a good article about BvS not long ago where they said that it's problem was trying to cram in too many (short) cool shots without having extended scenes that moved the plot forward. I think that applies to a lot of commercially successful movies.

                I guess a huge part of the problem is lots of movies are churned out every year and most of these categories are very subjective. How for example do you decide best makeup, or best sound editing? 99% of the time they go unnoticed and if the teams are doing their jobs that's exactly what should happen.

                * Apologies to people who work in those areas. I'm sure it's hard work and you can be proud of it. But lets be honest hair and makeup isn't considering in the same light as cinematography or acting.

                  Its definitely a curly one, I just think theres space for commercial success to come into it as well. It just seems that a lot of commercially popular movies end up having to work twice as hard as something just about the story.

                  Commercial success is still a measure of quality, you only need to compare BvS with Civil War to see that.

                  Good chat btw :)

    After watching Adam Ruins Everything about the Oscars. Yeah dont care.

    La La Land will win it but it will be so good watching and the Nominations are Deadpool. Then again no one expected a certain person to win a certain Nomination so Deadpool could win the Oscar.

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