Twitter Apologises For Making People Follow Donald Trump Against Their Will

People are a bit on edge at the moment when it comes to being forced to do things by now-President Donald Trump. When some users noticed that they were suddenly following the official Twitter account of the POTUS against their will yesterday, they freaked out. Now, Twitter has apologised.

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Today, Twitter's CEO Jack Dorsey addressed the issues that occurred after when the social media platform was migrating the followers from the old @POTUS to the new one.

You can see the whole thread here. But you can read the statement in paragraph form below:

Dorsey's explanation makes a certain amount of sense and it's easy to imagine a screw-up when migrating so many followers at a specific time when all the world's eyes are watching. Still, 560,000 people is a big number.

This also doesn't explain all of the people who were claiming that they have never followed @POTUS in any way and found their stream looking distinctly more threatening. It's possible that they simply don't remember following the account.

For now, it seems that users should simply check both accounts to see if they are following them and correct any unwanted mistakes.


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