This Tiny Thermal Printer Turns Anything On Your Phone Into A Sticky Note

This Tiny Thermal Printer Turns Anything On Your Phone Into A Sticky Note

If you can’t stay organised or remember your to-do list without a myriad of sticky notes plastered around your computer’s screen, this new compact printer makes it easy to turn messages, photos, screenshots and basically anything on your phone into a tiny square of paper you can stick or share.

Mangoslab’s nemonic isn’t exactly a must-have office accessory, particularly with a price tag that’s expected to fall somewhere around $US120 ($165) when the printer is available in the US later this year. (Australian pricing and availability have not been announced.) And while you don’t have to keep swapping in pricey ink cartridges, you will have to buy special thermal paper sticky notes directly from Mangoslab, because the nemonic doesn’t work with 3M’s Post-Its, or the cheaper knock-offs your local office supply place sells.

Pricing aside, the nemonic works as simply and as streamlined as you’d hope it would. Through an accompanying Android or iOS app you can make sketches, take notes and even snap a photo or import an image to use as a background. At the push of a button, your slick-looking sticky note almost instantly slides out of the top of the tiny printer, making you appear like someone who totally has their life together. Even if the sticky note is reminding you to finally buy deodorant.


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