This Stop-Motion Animated Film Looks As Beautiful As It Is Heartbreaking

Video: Last year was filled with lots of fantastic animated films, but when the Oscar nominations come out, we'll be very surprised if My Life as a Zucchini isn't among them. Not many people outside of its native Switerland have heard of it yet, but you can see the first, achingly sad trailer here.

Directed by Claude Barras, the film is about a young boy who loses his mother and has to go to an orphanage. It's already been nominated for the Best Animated Film Golden Globe (which went to Zootopia) and is eligible for multiple Academy Awards, including Best Animated Film, as well as Best Foreign Language film, as Switzerland chose this movie to represent their entire output in 2016. That's pretty special.

Here's the trailer:

The English-language dub will feature the voices of Will Forte, Nick Offerman, Ellen Page and Amy Sedaris.


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