This Is What The Guts Of A Ferrari F40 Look Like

The Ferrari F40 is one of the wedgiest supercars ever made. It doesn't look so much like a car as it does a red piece of cheese that happens to do 322km per hour. But remove its thin kevlar bodywork and you can see the turboguts that make it go.

All photo credits: Ferrari

Here we can see how the F40's 2.9 litre V8 mounts up to the reasonably primitive looking chassis and how its two Japanese IHI turbos sit over the transmission and suspension. Also, there's a nice clear look at how the exhaust, unsilenced, spills away like a three-pronged waterfall, or some kind of miniature dam spillway.

Ferrari also has some official photos of the drivetrain full alone, for a bit more detail. There's the muffler, for example.

Here's a top-down view for a better look at the intercoolers and the folded-fingers intake runners.

Man, this thing looks like some sort of pump from the Nostromo.

We even get at detail shot of one of the IHI turbos.

Also, Ferrari has this official illustration of the engine, looking very much like a children's book I desperately want to read.

What a beast of a machine.

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