This Honest Ad For Centrelink Show How Much It Cares About Your Debt

The recent data-matching debacle that is Centrelink's debt recovery algorithm is likely to affect around 1.5 million Australians, demanding they repay government welfare based on dodgy links to incomplete Australian Tax Office records. It's bad software, rorting the citizens in our society that already have it pretty tough.

But, before you take my word for it, watch this video. It's a totally honest and upfront explanation of the situation.

This video, from the guys at The Juice Media -- the same minds behind the honest government adverts that gave us #CensusFail -- obviously isn't an official government statement. It's obviously partisan. But that doesn't make its message any less powerful.

Have you received one of these letters? The vikdeo points viewers to the NotMyDebt website, which gives tips on how to dispute or ask for clarification on how much money you owe the government, if it's even any at all in the first place.

Centrelink: your Kafkaesque nightmare.

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    Mid last year I got a notice from Centrelink saying that they needed to contact them about my previous job, the data they recieved from the ATO said my last jobs start and end dates were wrong and I owed them thousands... turned out instead of 6/1/15 it was imported as 1/6/15... 6 months cause they screwed up a date format on the import. Data import 101... check your format compatibilty and check for errors. NOPE give a weak apology over the phone and move on with full scale rollout.

    Now hearing that system is spitting out 170,000 notices is scarey. There is no margin of error here... but the minister is saying errors are okay we can fix them. Maybe do a better job fuxing the errors before threatening people with debt notices... data is not infallible.

    I'm embarrassed to admit I work in IT at Centerflunk. A more Dilbert'isc, 2nd rate organisation you will never find. And yes, I've just got a job elsewhere.

    Between the current cio's dictatorial attitudes and the prevalence of cheap, second rate, imported programmers I am not surprised at this result.

    There was nothing wrong with the current system other than the cio's desire to have have sap (see QLD dept of health) on his resume. In the future, books will be written about Centreflunks filed SAP Implmention - it will be a text book example of resume over function.

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