These IKEA Beach Chairs Keep Slicing Off People’s Fingertips

These IKEA Beach Chairs Keep Slicing Off People’s Fingertips

IKEA is recalling roughly 34,000 beach chairs over safety concerns. Typically, chair recalls are initiated over stability concerns and chairs simply tipping over. But the danger of these Mysingsö model chairs is a bit more gruesome. So far 13 people have been injured, with six people getting their fingertips amputated.

IKEA’s Mysingsö model beach chairs which have caused finger amputations and have now been recalled around the world. Image: IKEA

The chairs were sold from February 2013 through December 2016 and were available in eight different colours, both in store and online. The Mysingsö includes a wood base and an attached polyester fabric seat.

Proof of receipt is not required to obtain a refund, according to the IKEA website. And as far as we can tell, a severed finger isn’t required either. We’ve reached out to IKEA for comment and will update this post if we hear back about the whole finger thing.

The recall has been instituted in countries like Australia, Germany, Canada and the United States. But curiously, it looks like you can still buy it in Saudi Arabia. That’s another thing we’d love clarification on from IKEA.