The Godzilla Sequel Has Found Its Director

The Godzilla Sequel Has Found Its Director

Another Guardian of the Galaxy is confirmed for Infinity War. Neill Blomkamp doesn’t have much hope for his Alien movie ever happening. Kristen Wiig is joining The Last Man on Earth. Plus, Mädchen Amick talks up her Riverdale role, X-23 goes on the attack in new Logan pictures and new LEGO Batman Movie footage. Spoilers now!

The Godzilla Sequel Has Found Its Director

Godzilla: King of Monsters

Krampus director Michael Dougherty, who co-wrote the script for the film, has been confirmed as Gareth Edwards’ replacement to direct. Makes sense, as Dougherty was part of the writing room brought on to flesh out the new “Monsterverse” Godzilla and King Kong are now part of. [Variety]

Jurassic World 2

Daniella Pineda has joined the cast in a key, but in an undisclosed role that is believed to be a new female lead in the film. [Variety]

Avengers: Infinity War

Dave Bautista has confirmed that he is one of the many — many — returning characters that will be in the film.

Meanwhile, despite the fact production began on the film this week, both Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen have yet to see a script for the film.

Neill Blomkamp’s Alien

Neill Blomkamp thinks the odds of his take on the Alien universe getting made in the wake of Ridley Scott’s upcoming Prometheus sequel/Alien prequel Alien: Covenant are slim.

Tomb Raider

Basically every movie is starting production this week — here’s confirmation from director Roar Uthaug that Tomb Raider has started its own.

And we're off! #tombraider

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Empire has a bevy of new pictures from the film.

The Godzilla Sequel Has Found Its Director
The Godzilla Sequel Has Found Its Director

Unsurprisingly, it’s now official that the film has an R-Rating for “strong brutal violence and language throughout” as well as “brief nudity”.

Kong: Skull Island

There’s a lot of monsters that aren’t King Kong himself in these three new TV spots for the film.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Batman preps his kickarse theme song in a new TV spot.

The Last Man On Earth

Kristen Wiig has joined the series in a recurring role that is currently a tightly guarded secret. [TV Line]

Once Upon a Time

Patrick Fischler will reprise his role as the Author when the show returns.

American Horror Story

Ryan Murphy teases the inevitable future crossover season of the show, which is in the works but not either seasons eight or nine. Let’s hope it really does become American Horror Story: Sarah Paulson Plays All the Characters.

It’s a character from Season 1 that will be thrust into the world that you are left with at the end of Coven, which is sort of like the male/female/witch academy. And then all of those characters will intertwine, which is confusing because some of them are from Seasons 1 and 3. Like, Sarah Paulson will probably be playing 18 characters.


The Flash

Co-showrunner Aaron Helbing spoke to TV Guide about the repercussions of Iris knowing she’s doomed to be skewered by Savitar:

Oh, she’s devastated. She’s now facing her mortality. She knows the end date, and that’s terrifying. But now that she has an end date in mind, that kind of emboldens her through the rest of the season because, “I know when I’m supposed to die, so I’m not going to die until that point.” That’s going to cause some friction between Iris and the rest of the team.

Agents of SHIELD

The team finds themselves dealing with an explosive Inhuman in the synopsis for the aptly-titled “BOOM”.

Daisy, Mace and the S.H.I.E.L.D. team must find a way to contain an explosive Inhuman. Meanwhile, Coulson and Mack come face-to-face with Radcliffe’s inspiration for Aida.

[Spoiler TV]


FX has released a series of the most vague synopses ever written for a bevy of episodes in the first season.

“Chapter 3” – David Searches for answers while a threat looms.

“Chapter 4” – David’s in trouble, while his friends search for answers.

“Chapter 5” – David faces a new threat.

“Chapter 6” – David goes back to where it all started.

“Chapter 7” – David tries to find a way out of his predicament.

[Spoiler TV]

The 100

Clarke and Bellamy struggle with the weight of leadership in a new synopsis for “Heavy Lies the Crown”.

The burden of leading weighs heavily upon Clarke (Eliza Taylor) and Bellamy (Bob Morley) when different challenges force them to determine who will live and die.

[Spoilers Daily]


Finally, Mädchen Amick discusses playing the hilariously overbearing mother of Betty, Alice Cooper, in a new video interview.

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