The Cheapest (And Most Expensive) Place In The World To Buy An iPhone

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We often talk about "Australia Tax", but how bad do we really have it? How do the cost of electronics in this country stack up with others around the world?

The Linio Technology Price Index for 2016 breaks it down, and there are some incredible figures here. $97,813.82 for an iPhone7, anyone?

Linio explains how they worked it out:

For 71 countries, we researched average prices of fourteen different popular devices, both iOS and Windows powered. Our list was then ranked by the sum of the total tech price for each country. Doing so, we quickly realised the huge influence of tariffs, taxes, and inflation on price.

The cheapest countries for buying tech were those in the Middle East that, despite relatively high costs of living, levy low VAT (TAX) on consumer products. On the other end of the scale, the most expensive countries for electronics were those like Belarus and Venezuela, where inflation and import restrictions have taken a huge toll on consumer access to the market.

You can see the whole list here, but here are some highlights - the prices are all is US dollars.

The cheapest:

  • iPhone7: Angola, $401.94
  • PS4: Kuwait, $246.89
  • Xbox One: Switzerland, $222.55
  • Apple Watch: Russia, $182.00

The most expensive:

  • iPhone7: Venezuela, $97,813.82
  • PS4: Venezuela, $56,723.53
  • Xbox One: Venezuela, $37,073.79
  • Apple Watch: Venezuela, $48,810.16

Oh, Venezuela. Ooft.



    This is the context for the story posted the other day (I cant find it now) that said the mega drive was super popular there. No wonder when a PS4 is $55K

    Unless I am blind, I can’t see any links or small text with references to exact specs of devices, it just says iPhone, Android, PS4, XBOX ONE etc… and not exactly which variant. There are six possible variants of the iPad Mini in Aus, maybe more or less in other countries. As for Android, the possible variants of that are insane.
    There is also no list of currency rates, or which tax rates if the country has variable ones like the US.
    There seems to be no way to verify the accuracy of any of the data posted, as such I can’t trust any of it.

    Taking the iPad Mini as an example, their Aus cost of USD $352.06 using the high and low of our currency over the last 3 months equates to the following best and worst possible figures Au $491.43 and $454.21. Of the 6 variants we have in Aus, none of them are in that range. The iPad Mini 2 32Gb is either $369 or $529, the iPad Mini 4 starts at $569.
    Based in that one example and the lack of sources quoted, I hold no credence to that entire report.
    Don't believe everything you read on the internet Rae.

      Yep, the chart is largely useless due to the decision not to list models or exchange rates. I mean, what on earth does "Android Phone" refer to? You could get one for under $100AUD or over $1500AUD. Depending on the make or model, the price may fluctuate beyond simple exchange rates and taxes due to the manufacturer pricing the product differently across regions or possibly other concessions.

      For all we know they picked a model that the manufacturer has chosen to apply a premium price to for a certain region irrespective of other factors simply because they can due to brand recognition or whatever being stronger in the region. That wouldn't represent Android devices as a whole, just a single device.

      Honestly, given the obscurity of many of those regions it wouldn't even surprise me if they took liberties with models and picked "similar ones" given how many products won't ship a single model globally. I find it hard to believe they found local prices across 72 regions for every product.

      Last edited 11/01/17 1:17 pm

    According to that list, it costs US$574.50 to buy an iPhone in Australia. With the cheapest iPhone 7 coming in at AU$1079 on, that translates to about US$794 today... The website states that "For 71 countries, we researched average prices of fourteen different popular devices, both iOS and Windows powered". They did the research in the 2016 xmas season - so let's assume Nov/Dec. There was also the iPhone 6S on sale: AU$929/US$684. And the iPhone SE: AU$679/US$500. What phone exactly were they looking at??? (and FYI, in Japan - which is second cheapest according to that site, the iPhone 7 costs 72,800 Yen - which is US$627 - not the US$413 they claim).

    Yes - they looked at average prices - and the Apple store is the most expensive place to buy iPhones - but the price is pretty standard, without any big discounts available unless you get a carrier subsidy - which is a completely different kettle of fish - that would be comparing apples with oranges (mind the pun!). All up it looks like their research is highly flawed!

    Still $119,321.58 for a 40" TV seems a little steep!! Poor Venezuelans

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