Thankfully, The New Cars 3 Trailer Is Lighter Than The Last One

Video: Our first look at Cars 3 was pretty terrifying. This new trailer starts the same way, but thankfully lightens things up with a whole bunch of racing and new character teases.

Cars 3 opens June 16. This time, Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson) is the old dog and a new generation of cars (led by the Armie Hammer-voiced Jackson Storm) are coming up on the racing circuit just like he once did. Can Lightning flash some of that old magic? From the looks of this trailer, it certainly looks like it.

Now, I'll give any movie from Pixar a shot. I even think Cars 2 is entertaining, in an Illumination (the makers of Minions) kind of way, but this trailer does nothing for me. What here looks new and exciting? That Max Max-ish dirt racing, maybe? I guess that's probably the point though. Maybe Cars 3 will give us a much more character-based film than the previous two, and a trailer just isn't going to sell that.

We'll find out in June.


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