Sony’s Gigantic Space Wall Is Actually Hundreds Of Tiny LED Tiles

Sony’s Gigantic Space Wall Is Actually Hundreds Of Tiny LED Tiles

That image above appears to show one giant seamless LED display, but Sony’s new CLEDIS system, presumably intended for use in convention centres like the one hosting CES in Las Vegas, is actually hundreds of LED tiles smooshed together.

Image: Nicholas Stango/Gizmodo

Each tile is just 46cm wide, and stitched together, they could build you a wall of infinite size. The above display is 10.97m by 2.74m, at a resolution of 8K by 2K.

Sony accomplishes the seamless illusion by using RGB emissive display tech — the display is built of nearly microscopic LEDs that glow red, green or blue. Because they’re so small the LEDs should, theoretically, give Sony extraordinary control over colour rendition. Sony claims the tiles are capable of colour volume that’s “off the charts” and well beyond what you’d find in a projector at your local theatre. “We’re rapidly approaching Rec. 2020” a Sony rep told Gizmodo, referring to a colour volume spec so ambitious that, until now, it’s only been possible in theory.

But that gorgeous, HDR capable display technology will come at a price — one that Sony hasn’t announced. Heck, we don’t even know if these tiles will ever be released.

Sony says the CLEDIS system will be available to any business (or multi-billionaire) with the cash for it later this year. Because it’s made of tiles it can be infinitely customised. So if you did well on the stock market and have always wanted a two-storey tall display, you’re in luck.

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