Samsung's New Chromebooks Can Run Android Apps

Image: Samsung

The biggest problem with Chromebooks was that they had no apps. Not really, anyway. Sure, there were a few decent ChromeOS apps, but it made no sense that they couldn't run the zillions of apps that Google's own Android mobile OS enjoyed. That problem is finally sorted.

Samsung's new Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro — one powered by ARM, one powered by an Intel Core m3 — can run any Android app that lives on the Google Play store. That means all of Google's own in-house apps like Docs, as well as any game or app that a smartphone or tablet can run.

The result of an ongoing collaboration between Samsung and Google, both use 12.3-inch 2400x1600pixel displays and have 4GB of RAM, as well as the traditionally light-for-a-laptop 32GB of storage — Chromebooks mostly suit the user that stores everything in Google Drive or Gmail.

Taking an obvious cue from Samsung's Note smartphone line, the Chromebooks have a stylus integrated into the body that can be used to mark up the touchscreen display, which itself hinges 360 degrees to be used as a tablet-esque device. Battery life is claimed to be eight hours — certainly possible given the relatively low level of processing power from those ARM or Core m3 CPUs.

No word on whether the Chromebook Plus and Chromebook Pro will make it to Australia, though — we're tracking that information down for you ASAP. US pricing is in the region of $US449 for the Plus. [Samsung]



    No price listed for the Pro (Intel-powered) version.

    However, at 1.1kg weight these look like Uber tablets and quite usable laptops. I'm interested.

    Already Chromebooks out there that support Android apps , only a matter of time before all support them

      Including the new ASUS Chromebook Flip C302 models, that were also on display at CES. You get more power under the hood, a longer battery life (10 hours) and a backlit keyboard but lower screen res and no pen compared to the Samsungs.

      Last edited 11/01/17 10:00 pm

    This has my attention. My ipad mini 2 is getting a bit old and I've not had a laptop in 5 years since I built my desktop I've looked at hybrids before but a mobile os with a keyboard doesn't appeal to me, but a lightweight pc os with access to apps does

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