Photographer Transforms Camera Parts Into Lifelike Weapons

Photographer Transforms Camera Parts Into Lifelike Weapons

There’s a bit of crossover when it comes to the lexicons of cameras and weapons (aiming, shooting, etc.) so it’s no surprise that someone would be inspired to find a way to combine them. Photographer and artist Jason Siegel decided his take would be a literal fusion of familiar camera components to create fake guns, explosive and other wartime paraphernalia as part of his “Shoot Portraits, Not People” exhibit.

With the help of sculptor Keith D’Angelo, Siegel has put together an array of objects that, from a distance, you could mistake for the real deal. The articles are based on real weapons, such as the faux-MP5 in the image below.

Here’s how Siegel describes his work:

The attention to detail is impeccable with each gun being constructed by hand-picked parts chosen from over 200 pounds [90.72kg] of camera parts specifically sourced for this project. “When I’m taking photos, I’m mostly pressing buttons whether it’s behind the camera or behind the computer. This project has allowed me to go beyond my creative borders and create something that has no boundaries and yet is totally unique,” Siegel says.

The exhibit is showing today (January 13 in the US) in Aspen, Colorado until the end of the month. Visitors will have the opportunity to buy any of the pieces (and prints of them). I doubt any of us will be in a position to check out the exhibit, let alone make a purchase, so instead, enjoy the behind the scenes clip above.

[Jason Siegel, via PetaPixel]