Our First Look At The Neon Noir World Of Duncan Jones' New Movie Mute

And if you think the Blade Runner-esque neon aesthetic is great, wait until you get a load of Paul Rudd's mustache.

Entertainment Weekly has released a trio of new images from Duncan Jones' Mute, the sci-fi passion project Jones has been trying to get made for years. Set in the Berlin of 2052, the movie — which apparently has ties to Jones' previous sci-fi film Moon — follows Alexander Skarsgård's Leo, the titular mute bartender who takes to the neon-soaked streets of the city to hunt for his missing girlfriend. There, he finds his only clue is two American surgeons. One is played by Justin Theroux, wearing a questionable wig:

And the other is payed by Paul Rudd, wearing a unquestionably majestic moustache:

That's some choice facial hair, right there. Mute is set to hit Netflix sometime later in 2017.

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