New Trailer For Russia's Guardians Sets Explosions And Punches To Classical Music

Video: Also, there's apparently a plot? I'm sorry, I was distracted by the giant bear with the giant gun strapped to his back.

I think the best part of the man-bear is that sometimes he's a full bear and sometimes he's a man with a bear's head and hands. The ability to only shapeshift part of the body is so much more useful than either the usual "all or nothing" transformation or the mutant half-bear, half-man deal. I see no downside to this.

The new trailer also spends a bit more time showcasing everyone else's abilities. There's the guy who's basically an Earth Bender, and who can give himself the Thing's hands. There's invisible/disappearing/teleporting girl. And there's the curved blades guy.

And according to the subtitles, the big bad here is the same guy who originally helped alter these people's DNA back in the Cold War. Plot, I guess? Whatever, there's a bear in a lift.

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    This just in: Trump secretly sponsors Russian movie "Guardians" in order to piss off Obama administration.

    Jokes!: this would be the single best thing he had done if it were true :)

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