Friends Don't Let Friends Use Flash

Image: Adobe (mostly)

I've been having a hell of a time loading YouTube videos on my home PC recently. Then, after a little bit of investigation, I found out why. Somehow, Adobe Flash was installed.

After running outside and turning three times, spitting and cursing, I uninstalled it.

You should do the same. Here's how.

If you have Flash installed, first thing — breathe. It's OK! We all make mistakes. Even the best of us, like me. Just know that I'm here for you if you need help, if you want to vent.

Next step — uninstall that fucker, quick smart. Flash is notoriously terrible. Google is trying to kill it, YouTube is trying to kill it, Mozilla is trying to kill it, even Adobe is trying to kill it.

If you're running a Windows machine, visit here to download and run the Adobe Flash uninstaller. If you're on macOS, visit here. Run the installer, and you're done.

To be fair to Flash, it wasn't the only reason that YouTube was being dicky on my PC. A bunch of weird Chrome extensions — my bad — were also at fault. But we don't have to be fair to Flash, because Flash is notoriously terrible.

Not sure whether you have it installed? In lieu of going to visit a GP for a more general checkup, clicking either of those links above will tell you whether you're infected. [Flash]

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