Chrome Gets Native FLAC Support, 5 Years After It Was First Requested

Image: Derrick Noh / Flickr

You can imagine that back in August 2011, when a user requested support for the lossless audio format FLAC in Chrome, it didn't shoot to the top of Google's list of critical features to implement. But that was five years ago. It's only with Chrome 56, the browser's next major revision, that FLAC will be playable natively.

The original "bug", filed on August 23, 2011, can be found on the Chromium issue tracker. Over the years, it received the odd bit of attention, but nothing of real substance.

This however, didn't stop ChromeOS and Android getting support, not to mention Apple's mobile and desktop operating systems.

Finally, late last year, the issue was subjected to a flurry of activity, culminating in its official implementation. And, once Chrome 56 hits — which should be the end of this month, if the schedule sticks — everyone will be able to enjoy native FLAC support.

My question is: Does the guy who filed the request still uses Chrome?

[Chromium, via 9to5Google]

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