Central Australia Just Got Weirder

Image: Robert Pfeifer

They look like goddamn aliens. But they're actually a shrimp. Kind of.

And someone just found them in the middle of the desert in Central Australia.

Yep. Shrimps. In the desert. Nature is weird.

They're called Shield Shrimp, and these photos were taken by Nick Morgan and sent in to Park and Wildlife. They look like they come from another planet.

Even more bizarre is the fact they can survive (and thrive) in the desert. It's the end result of a couple of things.

Firstly, the recent heavy rain in Central Australia. That helps, but the real reason these shrimps can survive in the desert is the extreme resiliency of their eggs. Apparently Shield Shrimp eggs can survive for years in the desert, just waiting for a bit of rain.

And when it rains, oh boy.

You get this. Throw another um... Shield Shrimp on the barbie.


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