Apple's Latest Shot On iPhone Campaign Was Captured In One Night

Image: Olym Li / Apple

Image Cache: Apple's Shot on iPhone billboard photography campaigns have always been beautiful. Its latest, designed to show off some amazing low-light images captured with the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, tasked photographers with capturing their images between dusk and dawn on the night of November 5, 2016. And Australia's very own Bondi Beach gets a special showing.

Browse through the cool photos, animations and diagrams in Gizmodo's Image Cache here.

The resulting photos were captured everywhere from Shanghai to Johannesburg, and not just using Apple's own Camera app; photographer Elsa Bleda's Johannesburg portrait, for example, used Slow Shutter Cam.

Sydney-based photographer Olym Li is part of the newest campaign, and his photo of Bondi Beach at dawn is the first in the ones we're showcasing below. The rest are just as gorgeous, of course, but it's nice to see Australia in all its beauty front and centre. If you do happen to see one of the new billboards, keep a special eye out for Olym's image.

Image: Olym Li

Image: Elsa Bleda

Image: Reuben Wu

Image: Eason Hsiung

Image: Arif Jawad

Image: Mathieu Beth Tan

Image: Ruairidh McGlynn

Image: Jennifer Bin

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