Anne Hathaway Plays A City-Crushing Kaiju In The First Trailer For Colossal

Video: Few movies have as original or weird a premise as Colossal. That premise: Anne Hathaway plays a woman who realises she can occasionally spawn a real-life giant monster halfway across the world that acts as her avatar, mimicking her movements.

If that's kind of hard to visualise, the distributor Neon has just released the first teaser ahead of the film's Sundance screenings. Here it is, courtesy of EW.

Colossal is directed by Nacho Vigalando, the filmmaker behind the brilliant Timecrimes. Jason Sudeikis and Tim Blake Nelson also star in the film, which we saw back at its world premiere in September. Here's our full review.

The crazy premise actually enfolds a very poignant, thought-provoking point, one which would be a sin to spoil at this moment. It's nice, though, because the original Godzilla films were also about something, mainly a fear of nuclear war. Later films, such as the more recent remakes, got away from that in favour of pure spectacle. Colossal has some spectacle, but thematically it's much more in line with the earlier films. That could make it a tough sell — but hopefully with Hathaway in the lead, people will actually turn out to see this super weird little movie.

[Entertainment Weekly]

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