An Accident Leaves A Boy With Techno-Superpowers In Netflix's iBoy

Video: Technopathy is the kind of superpower that feels very "modern", "relevant" and "hip", all things clearly baked into iBoy. The story follows Tom (Bill Milner) after an assault embeds enough of a mobile phone into his brain to give him the power to manipulate technology and... see the internet overlaid over everything, I guess.

Image: Netflix

Honestly, despite all the new trappings there does seem to be something much more traditionally superhero-y about iBoy. There's a love interest (Maisie Williams) who has a secret and is likely way more important than she appears. There's a starter boss in the thugs who attacked him, and a big bad (Rory Kinnear). All in all, I'm interested to see this.

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