You Can Now Play Spotify Directly To Your Sonos Speakers

Image: Sonos

If you've got Sonos's excellent wireless speakers set up around your house, chances are you stream your music to them with your smartphone. Chances are, too, that music comes straight from the 'net — and probably from your Spotify subscription. If all these things are true, then Sonos' most recent update will make you happy: you can now throw music to your Sonos setup without leaving the Spotify app.

All of the main features you'd usually have to duck out into the dedicated Sonos app for — like grouping your separate speakers into one giant lump to play music through simultaneously, changing volumes, assigning different tracks to different speakers, or switching music between your headphones and your Sonos speakers whenever you walk into your house — now also live within Spotify. That's a pretty useful update if you ask me, and it comes in Sonos' latest 7.0 software.

If your Sonos setup at home includes a Playbar and other speakers set up as a home theatre, TruePlay live speaker calibration is now available for every speaker in the Sonos line-up as well as complete home theatre arrangements — so you can customise the sound of your setup to suit the space that it's in. Sonos has also introduced a Playlist Potluck feature in time for all those drunken Christmas and New Years revelries — invite your friends over for a party by asking them to suggest a track here. [Sonos]

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