Would You Break Your Legs To Grow Taller?

If you're vertically challenged (like me), there is a procedure you can go through that can make you taller. The catch is that it is extremely painful. Here's a breakdown of what is involved.

The procedure is called distraction osteogenesis. It's not new and is often used to repair skeletal deformities. In recent years, it has been used as an unorthodox method to give people a height boost. There are plenty of short people in the world who would kill for a few extra centimetres added to their height. The problem is, you'll need to break the bones in your legs in order to gain those extra centimetres.

DNews goes through the process step-by-step and talks about the painful method for boosting height. The recovery period isn't much fun either and there's a high chance of complications occurring. Despite all of this, the procedure is gaining popularity, especially in China.

Would you be tempted to get this type of surgery to become taller? Let us know in the comments.

[YouTube - DNews]

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