Why Australia Will Be Pirating The LEGO: Batman Movie

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On February 10 2017, audiences around the world will be sitting down in cinemas to watch the much anticipated LEGO: Batman movie. 48 days later, Australians can do the same.

Village Roadshow is repeating history, making the same mistake it made with The LEGO Movie. A five million dollar mistake. A mistake co-CEO Graham Burke said the distributor would not be making again.

Everything is not awesome.

Piracy of The LEGO Movie cost Village Roadshow "somewhere between $3.5 and $5 million in sales" Burke revealed at a government-led Copyright Forum back in September 2014.

"We made one hell of a mistake with LEGO," Burke said of the decision to delay The LEGO Movie's release in Australia by 54 days.

"We'll now make all our movies day in date with the US. I know 20th Century Fox are and Universal are too."

Adding insult to injury both films were created here by Animal Logic, and the CEO Zareh Nalbandian has spoken out about piracy in the past, expressing a wish to teach kids about the impacts of piracy on creators before they become teenagers and stop caring.

So why, two years later, is this happening again? Expect to hear reasons like "school holidays" and "maximising audiences" being floated, but we've reached out to Village Roadshow for an official comment.

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    Fuck Graham Burke, he's such an asshole. I'll probably still see this at the cinema because it looks so funny, but otherwise I say we boycott all village roadshow films.

      Not a fan of Graham Burke either, but credit where its due. He's one of the few in the industry thats admitted they are part of the problem. His open acknowledgement that delaying The LEGO Movie that long contributed to piracy is more than most do.

      So props for that.

      He's exceptionally anti-piracy, which given his position is understandable. But he also proposes solutions, and practical arguments for and against. While I disagree with him on a lot of his points, he at least tries more than most to do something about it. And part of that is recognising that the problem wouldnt exist if it wasnt because of the industry doing idiotic shit like this.

      Sadly, despite saying that very thing less than two months ago, here we are looking at another example of his own company making the same mistake.

        You mean solutions like releasing the movie at the same time as the US, not 48 days later?

        0 credit given, 0 props, all talk and no action, and when they lose another 3-5 million the same tired excuses

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          More that he was at least willing to publicly say it. Its not much, but its something, and a lot more than anyone else.

          I dont want to appear to be supporting him, I dont, but he's the only one I can find thats even gotten close to an admission, or offered ideas that just might work. Around 8 weeks ago:


          Thats a start, at least with points 3 and 4. Its stupid they completely ignore it so soon after, but its still something. He's not just saying "Piracy is bad, kill em all!", he's offering something thats far closer to being workable.

          Even the thought of a $300 fine (suggestion 4) for being caught is far more reasonable than what the industry as a whole has tried to do for well over a decade.

            Hmmn, he'd have a bit more credibility if the first paragraph of his speech wasn't touting Suicide Squad as part of a blockbuster ... that and of course saying one thing and doing another, as this whole Lego article points out. Anyone can come out and make speeches and vague promises and promise to change the world, but you actually have to follow through on the promises or they're just empty wind (I'm looking at you also Mr Trump!).
            Just looking at the photo attached to the article linked to, you can see how old and set in his ways this guy is. As always it comes down to "adapt or die" Netflix adapts, flourishes, profits and is even becoming a content creator. Village... looks like they're going the way of the dodo.

            How much stupider does he have to be in order to be 100% fully AWARE of the problem and NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT?!

          I can see how it can be annoying that the film is released later. Spoilers and all that kind of stuff. But really, are we so impatient that a movie has to be watched immediately like the rest of the world.

          Should the movie be released the same time everywhere, of course it should, is the end of the world if it doesn't no. The sense of entitlement doesn't change regulations or copyright law.

          However, there is no denying the timing of the release is not a smart business choice.

            We live in a digital world where some of us communicate with people around the world.

            To be part of that discussion, we need to be able to talk with those people about things in a somewhat timely manner.

            And even if you don't talk to people in the US or UK and discuss with only Australians maybe they do, so in the course of their friendly conversations with their friends they decide to see it

            So now your local friends have seen it because of their international friends and if they want to talk about it you end up being left out.

            The thing is this isn't immediately it's a fair while after

            It's not like they will only be handcam quality rips out before it comes out here

            We will likely get some high quality rips from airplanes or the like long before it comes out here

              You don't NEED to be able to talk about this movie when it comes out. You WANT to talk about it. There's a big difference. And the idea that watching a movie at a certain time will make any REAL difference to your life is hilarious.

              And if all you have to talk to your friends about is a kid's film... well...

                You're acting like this is having to wait until the next weekend to see something people in other countries do. This isn't. This is OVER A MONTH AND A FUCKING HALF. That's a STUPID amount of time for a film to be delayed for NO REASON AT ALL (well, they probably have reasons, but whatever they are they're RETARDED reasons, so that excuses nothing).

                  Oh no! Well hopefully you don't die while waiting for your life saving medication... oh wait, we're talking about a kids film!

                  The way you're carrying on you'd think this was an issue which had some kind of REAL effect on our society... I think someone needs to grow up and get their priorities straight ;)

                Don't 'NEED' to watch the movie either. They WANT to watch it, and the delay will make REAL differences in people's experience of the movie - which for many will include not just the watching, but the anticipation of seeing it, and the experience of remembering moments of the film in response to memes and comments about the movie which are shared online within a few weeks of a movie's release.

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                  So in other words: the time at which one watches this children's movie with have absolutely no effect on their daily lives or within their communities at large.

                  The saddest part is that you guys write these posts and don't read them at the end and see how stupid your rationalisations sound.

                  Now if there was something important that was being delayed, like medication or some other kind of aid. I'd be right there with you. But you're talking about film a movie...

            That aside why does australia get treated second rate to the rest of the world? Delayed movies, Australia tax on almost everything. More than spoilers we are sick of being treated as a lower class to be gouged for all they can.

              Because there is nothing illegal about it. And can do so because they can.

              And any move to rope the practice in from both sides is only a token gesture to make it look as though they are doing something so they have a distraction from their bigger problems.

          Maybe they'll "donate" a few millions to both sides of politics, to get some more movie-friendly laws passed. It seemed to work a treat last time.
          The millionaire lawyers wouldn't have it any other way, which may be a big part of the problem.

        You guys realise why he is doing this right? Both movies were made here in Australia as well. Once this movie faces the same fate they will go to the government, demand they "crack down on piracy as it's costing Australian jobs" then threaten to movie the production of future movies elsewhere if nothing happens... Once the Australian conservative government does something over the top and stupid they will use that as an example to try and force other governments around the world to do the same...

        Sorry, but Graham admitted they made a mistake, then lobbied the crap out of the government to restrict personal freedoms of Australians while I creasing penalties so he could make the same "mistake" two years later? What a top bloke.

        I still haven't seen the Lego movie, and probably won't see this. I'm just really tired of going out of my way to pirate from companies that don't want me as an audience. Their loss as far as I'm concerned.

    So their will be VOD rips by the time it gets here... seriously when will they learn..
    We even tell them what would stop people pirating and they still manage to fuck it up.

    Michael from Bricking Around here... after some feedback from readers I've created a change.org petition about this.

    There was also an interesting comment on my article about this;

    We often plan to take the kids to the movies only to find that at their Vacation Care facility they have already seen a downloaded version.

    Adults are actively downloading movies illegally for kids to watch. Piracy isn't a thing that only super savvy IT people are doing.

      Parents should report vacation care centres for this. Showing pirated content in a commercial environment is just laughing in the face of copyright holders and throwing in a kick in the nuts for good measure.

        Why would I report them? I'd rather high five them.

        Copyright holders deserve to have their faces laughed in and their nuts kicked. Fuck 'em.

      I have a better idea. Don't pirate the movie but at the same time don't see it in the theatre.

      Wait for the BluRay and get it from Amazon to minimise the amount of royalty Village gets locally.

      Let's see if we can make Burke's latest act of contempt a 50 million dollar mistake.

        I write a LEGO blog. I'm not waiting until it's out on Blu-Ray.

          Then some can argue that you can still fly to America and see the move their then come back and blog about it.

          Unfortunately, the petition you linked to will winding up as more a silent protest; like my idea of just waiting for the US BluRay to minimise Village-Roadshow's royalties.

          I saw the count are only going for 100 signatures. Can't the number be made higher? 100 is just a drop in the ocean. Realistically you need something like 10,000.

          But above all is the letter attached. Now, I'm open to be my browser being at fault and not showing the full content. However if the letter only has that one sentence "Change the release date of The LEGO Batman Movie in Australia" then it is doomed to fail even with 250,000 signatures because that is demand. There is no rational counter claim that highlights what Village-Roadshow is doing wrong.

          And that is in being optimistic and think Burke even cared in the first place. It was clear from the get go he had no intention of keeping to his word. Furthermore, given that he is beyond any mature and rational discussion no amount of pressure is ever going to change is stance nor change the behaviour of Village-Roadshow.

          The only stimuli him and Village-Roadshow will respond to is a complete down turn of people heading to the theatre and waiting for the overseas home media release.

          That means Village-Roadshow will lose a huge amount of revenue they are trying to secure and keeping to the overseas release further weakens the disproven piracy rhetoric.

          EDIT: Just saw the signature count again. Sorry about my earlier claim as I'm only now seeing it's just an general counter and not a set counter.

          But the rest of my claim still stands; the petition needs a better letter so it has real pressure behind it and not something that looks like a sense of entitlement.

          Last edited 09/12/16 7:40 am

            I'm new to the change.org thing so hadn't set up the letter properly. I've updated this with something that explains why it should be changed a little better.

              Just saw the change. Technically, Burke didn't pledge anything. What he made at best is what is a called a Gentleman's agreement; something said word of mouth but has no legal binding and pretty much boils down to both sides having faith they can resolve the matter themselves if it falls through.

              But that is me just nitpicking (used to write research grants and those things even when made bullet proof only had single digit percentage of success at best).

              The updated letter is much better and give a lot of ground and rational to the petition. That way, even when (I wish it was if) Village Roadshow snubs it, the Internet will remember and come back to haunt Village-Roadshow.

              EDIT: Had more grammatical errors than Burke has holes in his rhetoric.

              Last edited 09/12/16 11:45 am

    While the situation may make no sense I won't be pirating it. I have patience and will be able to wait a whole 48 days until it is released. I could watch it early by stealing it and watching it on my small TV. Or I could just wait a few weeks and watch it on a big screen. I'm not going to get sucked in by the sense of entitlement everyone seems to have

      Oh, well done. You are truly an inspiration to us all.

        Not inspirational. I just couldn't give a shit about a movie. So you have to wait, big deal. It's dumb that it's like that but who really cares. Clearly all of you do while I'm sitting back not caring

          Hey guys! aaronm does not care about something, So therefore we are not allowed to! PROBLEM SOLVED GUYS!

            YOU CAN CARE ALL YOU LIKE. I just don't care. I also don't care that you care etc etc

              Then why did you post a reply 2 months later lol....

                Because I rarely log on to my account. I don't look at the dates either when replying. Must be that general sense of apathy of my behalf. I replied because of the CAPS. Just couldn't help myself. CAPS makes me the opposite of apathetic

      I also won't be pirating it and yes i can also wait to see it as i did the last one but for anyone who want's to i have no problem with it because it's the issue that we should be able to get it at the same time as everyone else but these companies want to stay true to their archaic ways and not let us see until weeks if not months after. Before Netflix and Stan, piracy was rampant among family and friends because they couldn't get something that should be able to. Then it came along and piracy dropped dramatically but not completely because there are still shows and movies they can't access and resort back to pirating but not as much. The other big issue with waiting for it is SPOILERS. When Force awakens came out, i went on a week long blackout of technology, i didn't check facebook, go youtubing, internet browsing, forums and stayed away from anything that could ruin the movie for me. That was a hard week, could not imagine doing the same if i had to wait 48 days. This is same for TV, Game of thrones, friend who downloaded the next episode and is busting to tell you or can be a dick and tell you but you are waiting the 2 weeks before can see it. I don't advocate pirating but the studios are doing a mighty good job of making people do it by not allowing a global premiere.

      Just be careful you don't break an arm jerking yourself off over there.

      Sense of entitlement? The world moves at a different pace to you aaronm, it's fine if you want to be left behind, the rest of us are happy to move on.

        Mate it's not the world, it's Australia. Pirating is bigger here not due to access but because of some weird FOMO culture. I'm not talking about Lego movies as such (and 48 days is a long wait) but stuff like GoT is only accessible to suscribers of that specific network (or associated partners) in the US but you don't hear them sulking about it. Americans understand how distribution works, Australians don't. I personally do torrent TV because some shows may never be released here and it is good to watch them when new, but I don't have a little tantrum if access is restricted.

        It does my head in that media like Giz spend so much time putting the spotlight on downloads so Governments invest time trying to stop it. Here's some advice, don't make it so obvious, those trying to shut it down will lose interest and we can all torrent in peace. Access to media is getting better, slowly, but it isn't helped by these articles and posts. It just highlights that we are a country of entitled douchbags and anyone arguing that point doesn't realise they are in that category.

          You say a lot of very unsubstantiated things. Regardless of your viewpoint on the matter, having affordable easily accessible content at the same time as overseas does cuvre sk e ammount of privacy. It isn't debatable.

            So re-read my post. I am not debating that access reduces piracy.
            I am debating why Australians pirate more than other countries when access
            is restricted worldwide.

          It just highlights that we are a country of entitled douchbags....
          No, it highlights how much we are getting screwed and how many people are not ok with it.

          It does my head in that media like Giz spend so much time putting the spotlight on downloads so

          Yeah but you're talking about and organisation who has zero insight. Geez at the start of the last GoT season, Mark Serrells (editor of Kotaku) wrote an article railing against exclusive distribution deals, arguing that "content should be released simultaneously on all platforms". I'm still waiting for Bloodborne to be released on PC, but there was no mention of this in the article...

          Now Rae's penned an article claiming it's okay to pirate this movie because it comes out late, thus giving these infantilised morons a sense that their behaviour is legitimate.

        Left behind? Left behind what? It's a movie so who really cares. If you are so worried about being left behind pirate it. I couldn't care less what you do about it. I'm happy to wait so I am just illustrating that perhaps all of Australia won't be pirating it as the article title suggests

          Sorry, didn't realise it was not ok to have differing interests to you. This isn't just about one movie, it's the constant screwing over of Australian customers, but I don't expect you to understand that seeing as you struggled making sense of the article title.

            Lol at screwed over. You're talking about movies. More than that, you're claiming that YOU'RE the one being screwed over when YOU download and watch a feee movie... so many lols...

              When have I ever said I download anything for free?

                Ohhhhh! So you'll be getting the full 48 days of being screwed over? How will you cope? A lesser person would fold under such pressure!

                  Dude, I think you misunderstood ross_co's point pretty badly.

                  Ease up on the agro pills and re-read what he posted.

      why not do both? Id say its hardly a movie with any major plot twists, it'll just be some wholesome family entertainment. I know people who did this for the last movie, if anything it was the reason they went to the cinemas to watch it.

      and when i tell you that Snape kills Dumbledore or Bruce Willis was dead the entire time, you can enjoy your spoilers with with your ideals

        Oh no! Bruce Willis was dead the whole time in Die Hard? Thanks for spoiling it. You jerk! :P

      I happen to agree with you. While the decision to release the film later is not a great one, it is their prerogative when and how they distribute. People need to stop justifying piracy because of availability. If you want to see the movie wait for it to be released then watch it.

    While I understand your point of view, I come at it from a different perspective. Village Roadshow are showing contempt for the Australian consumer by delaying the release of a highly anticipated film. We then have to send a message to village roadshow via our actions. Either, we let them treat us like mugs, wait our 48 days and be good little consumers despite them being grade A assholes, or we don't.

    Then, if we choose not to be treated as cattle consumers, we make another choice: download or skip. I will be choosing to skip this movie just as I chose to skip the lego movie.

      The problem is just traditional movie scheduling rather than any dick move. Releasing a movie on the 10th of Feb in Australia would have been a disaster in years gone by, but waiting and releasing it during Easter holidays would mean box office gold. And probably still will. I don't know if the distributor cares about the very small group who demand it now (and yep it is a tiny minority). Having said that downloading does mean a lot of people will see the movie, so the box office will be affected, but maybe not enough to make up the difference between Feb and easter sales.

      If i was running film distribution here i would run the film for 2 weeks in Feb for fans and then do a re-release for Easter for families.

        Someone give this person a theatre chain as he/she gets it.

        Just a side note of you do get a theatre chain ... any chance of showing the old Looney Tunes on weekend?


          Done and done. Oh wait, no I don't have a theatre chain, but I can Torrent some Looney Tunes for you.

        I bet you 5 million dollars that it isn't a tiny minority. In fact, according to boxofficemojo, the entire run of LEGO movie in Australia made a grand total of 27 odd million dollars. By my, and more to the point, the studios, calculation they lost 20% of their revenue in the region. That is far from a tiny minority.

          There is a difference between those who demand it now and those who watch it before release. The first category (which I was referring too) is very, very small.
          The snowball effect from one person torrenting causes the larger issue for the studios.
          I'll let you keep your $5 Mill as I think you just misinterpreted my comment.

    I won't pirate it and I don't understand why you believe people will. But I am sure you lot will post links to the torrents and make this issue bigger than it should be.

    Last edited 08/12/16 12:41 pm

      Did you read the article? The Lego Movie was pirated to hell is Aus, the same thing will happen to this movie.

        Why is this the default response to anyone who disagrees with an article's opinion on Giz?

        Opinions. Do you remember those? It might be a surprise to you but some people read things and then form their own opinions on them!

          Why is this the default response to anyone who disagrees with an article's opinion on Giz? It's the comment section of the article we are discussing, the article is going to be referenced a lot. His opinion I don't understand why you believe people will was answered in the article, so the response I gave was apt.

          Last edited 09/12/16 9:34 am

            I wasn't asking about your response, I was asking eh it was the default.

            It's entirely possible that the poster read the article and still doesn't share your opinion. I mean as far as opinions go, the one expressed in the article isn't very well reasoned or persuasive... so unless you already believe that you should be entitled to pirate things, it's not really going to convince you of that is it?

    Complaining about 48 days of delay is missing the major point (at least to me).

    I don't feel like the issue is 48 days for it to be at the cinema, but many months until it can legally be played at home. Screw the cinemas. It's a horrid and antiquated business model and I would much prefer to watch a movie at home on my own big screen with great sound. I'll gladly pay a reasonable price to do so if possible as with Netflix and Stan for TV shows.

    Content should absolutely be paid for, but outdated business models like Foxtel, HBO (at least in Australia) and movies need to get with the times.

      "We made one hell of a mistake with LEGO," Burke said of the decision to delay The LEGO Movie's release in Australia by 54 days.

      "We'll now make all our movies day in date with the US. I know 20th Century Fox are and Universal are too."

      this is the problem

    Unfortunately... The world is changing.

    There's unlimited Music Subscription for about $10 a month, TV and movie Subscription services for $10 a month. Both these services have new and old music and shows/movies... but the movie industry still think letting a family pay $50+ for 1.5-3hrs of enjoyment is still somewhat viable in this day and age.

    If they released movie on VOD the same time as the theater (not just the same time as DVD) I dare say more people will be willing to pay 5 dollars to have it at home. (HD/4k - 24 hours to complete, you can have trailers at the start for revenue help similar to theaters).

      God no! No trailers at the start. Or at the very least make them skippable. If you're paying for content you should be able to watch it how you like and that includes not being forced to sit through trailers every damned time.

      Other than that I agree with you.

        If trailers are the cost of getting that sort of fast tracking, I think we could accept it. When you go watch something at the cinemas, theres about 20 minutes of junk beforehand as well, just think of this as the same thing.

        You're not going to get agreement to go straight to pure VOD without some tradeoff, which is either cost (talking about charging $50 for early VOD) or advert's. Studios still feel the need to monetise every avenue, and cinemas will need some level of compensation as well.

        Its only after that sort of thing takes off that competition can drive the tradeoffs out.

          I don't mind having trailers if they're skippable. But the number of blu-ray where you're forced to watch the same damned trailers every time you pop the disc in is too high. I've bought ones where you not only can't skip them, you can't fast forward either. When it's a disc you watch multiple times it's bloody annoying.

          My current method for dealing with them is to walk away if they're unskippable. I go play with the dog for 10 minutes, make a cuppa or whatever then come back. Studios need to realise that forcing unskippable content means consumers are pissed and often walk away.

      I suppose it would never occur to you that all those companies offering you $10 a month subscriptions lose millions of dollars a year, despite constantly growing their businesses? The simple, inescapable fact is that nobody can make money from streaming today. NOBODY. So far from being able ot recoup the $50million or more it takes to make a film like this, they'd be throwing even more money away by ignoring cinemas and DVD/Blu-Ray sales.

      And I won't even get into what sort of a sad loser would rather sit and home and watch TV than have a night out with friends and family at the cinema. i suppose you prefer to listen to an album on itunes than go to a concert and see the artist live?

        Well there's the cost. It ain't the cheapest to go to the movies when you add in tickets, food and if got kids them as well. If the cinema is packed you have to make your way through people to get a seat, hopefully the person in front isn't a tall person that will block your view. Then sitting through the ads and trailers with kids in front and behind screaming and throwing maltesers at their friends hitting you multiple times and laughing. Then screaming out words at each trailer to make their friends laugh. Then halfway through the movie you need to go to the toilet but don't want to miss something good, then proceed through those people again in the dark and repeat when get back into the cinema, try remember where you were sitting again and make way back there in the dark. Still the kids screaming at each moment in the film once again to make their friends giggle of how immature they are and the kicking in the back seat. Then having them kicked out, which is a small victory. Trying to open your own maltesers packet but waiting for a non quiet moment as everyone tends to stare at you and then losing those maltesers onto the ground because they make the packets so hard to open. The thought of i woudn't mind a choc top about now. The film ending and walking over the discarded popcorn on the ground and make your way home.
        So i'm not the biggest movie person for these reasons among others not listed. Being at home may make me a sad loser as you say but i have control over it, i've got a beautiful tv with big sound system, can pause the movie and get that choc top if i want.
        However i do go to the cinema and face all that for the good ones, Force Awakens, Lord of the Rings, Inception.

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        Nobody makes money from streaming? So how come Netflix, Spotify, Deezer et al. are still in business then?

    I won't be paying to see this movie. Nor did I for the last. As to when, I'm in no rush, but VRL obviously just don't get it, because there seems to be plenty people who just want equable treatment and fair pricing/viewing options.
    Unfortunately for them, they've built their business around a decaying concept of people having to go to a location to view their content. They also have a dvd business, but geesh, who does tangible media any more?
    If they had pulled their head out of their backsides and gotten into streaming media 10 years, 5 years or even 2 years ago, they could be raking in some big bucks. Instead they're just big f.....

      Right, because you have access to all the market data they do and your analysis is clearly superior to anything they could afford. Jackass!

      Nobody makes enough from streaming to recoup the $50million it costs to make your average movie. Netflix has never made a profit, for example, neither have other online giants like Spotify. Movies will live or die by bums on seats in cinemas, not streaming, for many years to come.

        I've actually worked for VRL and speak from some experience.

        Last edited 08/12/16 3:22 pm

          The article you've linked to says that Netflix is making hardly any money and is heavily investing now (spending/losing money) to make 'heavy' profits later.

          That's like saying your going to the casino to save for retirement. You could come home with a nest egg or empty pockets.

            Gee if only you read the article itself. Let's see the the quote above is "Netflix has never made a profit".

            "Netflix 2015 operating profit reached $306 million, down from $403 million in 2014. Netflix 2015 operating margin reached 4.5%, down from 7.3% in 2014. Netflix 2015 net profit reached $123 million, down from $267 million in 2014."

            Is profit down? Yes. Is it still making a profit? Yes. Is it predicted to make larger profits? Yes. Pretty simple and completely opposite to the ill informed comment above.

            If I went to the casino and walked out with $123M I think I would pretty happy. Try reading the whole thing next time

          The article you've linked to says that Netflix is making hardly any money and is heavily investing now (spending/losing money) to make 'heavy' profits later.

          That's like saying your going to the casino to save for retirement. You could come home with a nest egg or empty pockets.

        Well hey, Movie studios can stick to their dying model. Meanwhile movie piracy rates keep on increasing. Clearly the movie studios are winning hey?

        Nobody makes enough from streaming to recoup the $50million it costs to make your average movie.

        Is that you Gerry Harvey?

    I am going to complain at Lego directly ... they should select their movie partners more careful ...

    World pop-culture is more global now than ever before. Information moves fast. Roadshow is stuck in the '90s. If they don't move with the times they will be justifiably buried.

    The last Lego movie was boring as batshit and I turned it off halfway through. Wouldn't pay money for either of them. I'll probably download this.

    So what's the difference between someone buying this movie and sharing it over the net to someone buying it and then lending me the disk to watch it? That's how I use to operate. Have never cared about owning movies and never paid.

    "So why, two years later, is this happening again?" It's pretty simple, really. They probably calculated that by releasing it out of school holidays, it will cost them even more than the $5million you thieving arseholes will steal from them because you are so totally self-absorbed and completely lacking in the ability to delay gratification. Fortunately, the fate of companies like Animal Logic don't rest solely on you people doing the right thing. But you can be reasonably sure the reason Village Roadshow invest so heavily overseas is because the market here is fucked, no matter what they do to try and cover the enormous investments they make. In this day and age you'd have to be crazy to invest in film or TV in this country.

    I don't really care about the movie... but shrug. If it sends a message, I might as well pirate it.

      I personally won't be pirating it. But my friend Bob will.

      It will send a message, but the wrong one. If anything, you are playing into Burke's hand.

      I am all but certain he is banking on people pirating the movie so that he can retro-actively validate his "piracy is harming the industry and killing babes" rhetoric.

      If you wish to send a message, wait for the BluRay and get if from Amazon. Or better yet, just skip the movie altogether.

        'Not buying' is also the wrong message, and is in fact a worse message because it is directed to the wrong party.

        Whenever something doesn't sell well, it can be accused by distributors that the problem is with the quality of the product itself, not the distribution method.

        In fact, if something doesn't sell well, that's what MOST people assume. It's the most logical assumption.

        Pirating something signals that there is still demand, but that there are other barriers. It removes (or at least seriously weakens) the argument that it didn't sell well because it wasn't any good.

          The problem though is that messages works on the phrase 'The ends justifies the means' being correct.

          The reality is the ends never justifies the means and the threshold of piracy indicating a problem with distribution and being an indicator of self-entitlement is very low and doesn't take much to cross.

            That's the decision of whoever's receiving the message. And the industry's made it very clear they have no intention of receiving ANY message that indicates they might have to change.

            Everyone else who's looking at the message knows exactly what's what. Parliamentary enquiries and federal judges included.

            To use an analogy: one of the things they teach in security training is that it's important that you state that you want things to de-escalate. You instruct aggressors to 'back away', because you don't want a fight. Even if the odds of your drunken aggressors actually receiving and accepting that message are low, but what's most important is that witnesses hear it.

            There are more people with stakes in this circus than just distributors, and they are also hearing this message.

            Last edited 09/12/16 9:34 am

    I wont be pirating it, the first one was so bad i doubt ill even watch this one on FTA TV or rent it for $2.

    Waiting 48 days? Pfft, that's nothing. I can be as patient as a saint and wait for it to eventually show up on Netflix or Stan. The entire family can watch it for $9 instead of what it would cost at the cinema. In fact for the same amount of money I'd spend on one movie at the cinema I could probably cover a year of Netflix or Stan. Thats kinda ridiculous imo.

    I'd wager that is probably why people pirate it. Not so much the delay (though I do agree it is A problem) but the cost of movies these days. You could release it on the same day as the US and it would still be heavily pirated.

      I can assure you that TeamDDR will have a first grade copy of this movie available via Extratorrents day of release in the USA.

      Also interesting to see that you Australians pay double the ticket price for your Cinema tickets compared to our US prices .

    The late distribution has to be some reason that they are willing to suffer the projected lose in revenue.
    A) The date chosen is theoretically more profitable coinsiding with vacations(which is the reason they gave for the last lego movie)
    B) Burke is deliberatly doing this ro make him and the industry a victimn of piracy to further his spearhead antipiracy stance
    C) The projected profit loses are Not true as we get told by the movie industry and that piracy has minimal impact on the movie going public who want to see movies in high quality cinemas
    D) All of the Above

    Village Roadshows action in all this will be profitable and further Burkes goals, I dont see them losing money cause of increase the late release and he will ride piracy statistics all the way to his best friend Brandis (with free movie tickets in his hand like last time)

    Was going to see this in the theatre but if I have to wait, I will wait for the BluRay from Amazon.com.

    Sorry, local industry, but until the distributors respect the locals I can't afford to care about you.

    This has got pirate entrapment written all over it... either that or he really IS that stupid. And if that's the case then well hear the bleating over and over again. I cant wait until someone with brains takes over the distribution rights of movies and television.

    Shareholders of Roadshow it is time to remove this idiot. he lost $millions$ on the first Lego movie. Now he wants to Rip you off $$$MILLIONS$$$ more. He is the last person a media/entertainment company needs anywhere near you income stream. He can not even remember making money showing Dr Who 50th anniversary, That's right people Paid you money to watch a free to air program.... What? by showing it at time of world release. And yes people will pay to see movies JUST SHOW THEM THE MOVIE!!! Don't try and hold customers to ransom, remember Pirates made money by holding goods and people to ransom! Just like this Burke the last great Pirate! Can we call him Captain Jack-off?


    I know it sucks that they leave us waiting almost 2 months longer than the rest of the world, but it's a bit different to pirating TV shows that are immediately optimal quality.

    If you're that desperate to see the movie, why would you waste it by watching a crappy shaky hand cam version?

    I'm not saying to wait to watch it in cinemas, but waiting for the BR Rip seems to make sense to me, unless cams are better these days?

      Depends if you can get a review copy or not. The pre-release review copies that are sent to reviewers are very often leaked or stolen. Studio security works very hard to make sure this doesn't happen, but some work harder and spend more on it than others. The next Marvel movie, for example, might be a bit harder to get a review copy of than, say... Lego Batman.

        I think @weresmurf once did some movie reviews.

        Was it you, Weresmuf, that pointed out movie review copies now have the name of the reviewer burned into the footage now?

          Yeah, depends if they send out via IP or not. Lionsgate used to do it for us, you'd see your name floating all over the screen, took up literally 1/3 of the whole thing. It'll make it out of Korea or somewhere, a HC copy, (hardcoded subs, filmed in hi-def in-cinema by someone on a tripod). I can't believe they're being this stupid again.

            IP? As in Internet Protocol?

              Yeah you used to get an email from them, with a link to a 'secure' IP, with a name and password to use to view movies. I was able to watch Cabin Fever 2 this way before I interviewed Noah Segan and.......whatever the womans name was who was in it (she was nice but didn't seem like she was into the interview, another story for another time). Also watched a few other no name movies and generally horrors released by Lionsgate, as well as Hugh Dancys movie "Adam" which I *think* at the time was Fox Searchlight (their slightly indie arm)??? That was back when they were very first starting to experiment with doing it that way.

    We're Aussie's and we're sick of being treated like lesser. We have every right to see a film when it's first released, we shouldn't have to wait an extra month to see it.

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