When Will You Get NBN? The Updated Search Map Is Here!

Image: iStock

The National Broadband Network promised that we'd have a searchable rollout map, a way we can check when we can connect, available by the end of 2016.

With a little over a week to spare, it's actually up and running - unless you're in a Hybrid Fibre Co-Axial area.

HFC areas are due to be added sometime in the new year.

You can check your address here.

Now while the map will tell you what stage your connection is at - planning, building or available - unless you are definitely getting satellite or fixed wireless, you won't know exactly what type of connection you'll be getting. It could be anything from FTTP to FTTN and everything in between.

Here's some light reading if you'd love to delve into the world of nbn a little further.

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