What On Earth Is Up With The 10 Hours Of Fireplace Video Marvel Released?

I am left wondering why the Guardians of the Galaxy's spaceship has a fireplace. And if this isn't a fireplace, what the hell is it supposed to be?

Image: Gif made from Marvel/Coca-Cola video

I say this as someone who actually likes the absurdity of the Yule Log on TV: What in the world were they thinking with this? Five Marvel superheroes have been graced with the honour of having their "fireplaces" turned into hour-long videos on Marvel's YouTube page. And each one also has an hour-long video that's a close-up on the burning fireplace.

Does this sound like a promotion made up by two giant companies forced to come up with something for the holiday season? Because that's absolutely what it is. Congratulations, Marvel and Coca-Cola. This is absurd.

The five heroes involved are Captain America (who has apparently hung his old shield on his wall and just leaves his current round one on the floor), Ms. Marvel (who's rather alarmingly just left her costume out on the couch), Thor, Iron Man (Tony Stark has a GIANT portrait of himself over his hearth, which I will admit is hilarious), and the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Also, was this made by filming a miniature home? Because the proportions and lay-outs look like they came from a dollhouse:

All told, there's 10 hours of footage available right now. It's just... so weird.

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