What Happened To Cards Against Humanity’s Big Hole?

What Happened To Cards Against Humanity’s Big Hole?

The folks behind Cards Against Humanity have a reputation for being completely ridiculous. The company’s latest stunt? Taking donations to dig a hole for no reason at all. After accumulating over $US100,000, CAH called it a day, bringing the bizarre combo of crowdfunding and pointless earthworks to an end. But what about the hole? What would its fate be?

If you were hoping for some exciting end, or even something moderately constructive (a pool, perhaps?), by the time you read this, the hole will be filled. That’s right, gone. As Kayli Plotner for the Tribune News Service writes, the hole — well, what used to be the hole — is going to go back to being regular piece of ground:

“It’s nearly completely filled back in,” Mike Reibel, Ogle County planning and zoning administrator, said this morning. “Soon they’re going to cover it with black dirt and get it seeded. It didn’t appear to harm anything.”

The hole’s final moments were recorded by CAH’s Claire Friedman and posted on Twitter. Here it is, complete with sad music and complimentary banana.

So, what have we learned from all this? People will throw money at just about anything — even a literal hole in the ground.

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