We May Know Way Too Much About Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 And Thor: Ragnarok

We May Know Way Too Much About Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 And Thor: Ragnarok

A surprising DC hero and villain meet for lunch. Spider-Man‘s Tom Holland puts in an unexpected mask in an unexpected place. Plus, a clue about the future of Ghostbusters, the DC/CW names the Legion of Doom and The Librarians continues to delight us with its insanity. Our stockings were stuffed with spoilers, and we’re happy to share!

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Screen Geek has a new round of rumoured info about various Marvel Cinematic Universe projects detailing several key plot points and spoilers. First up, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 — although grains, salt and so on.

Ego is made out to be the main villain at first, but it is actually Ayesha, although Ego is also an antagonist. Taserface serves as a secondary foe.
Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone are playing members of the Ancients, a race of immortal aliens that hire the Guardians of the Galaxy to stop Ego, as part of a bigger plan masterminded by Ayesha.
Yondu and Nebula are joining the team alongside Mantis, who is Star-Lord’s half-sister and a prisoner of Ego.
The Nova Corps will make an appearance and the Kree will also have a larger role.
Groot will remain child-sized for a large portion of the movie.
There’s a minor romantic subplot between Star-Lord and Gamora following the seeds planted in the first movie.
Thanos won’t appear in the movie, but will be referenced.
There’ll be no infinity stones, although they are referenced.
The movie ending leads directly to “Avengers: Infinity War”.
There are plans for a sequel, but James Gunn still isn’t officially attached to write and direct, although Marvel wants him to direct.

Thor: Ragnarok

Next up in Screen Geek‘s rumoured plot points is the third Thor film:

The movie will have a serious tone with little moments of humour, like “The Winter Soldier”, which is being used as a template.
Loki is the one that sends Hulk to the gladiator planet where Thor later ends up, Valkyrie is also a warrior in that planet and befriends Thor, but they don’t actually become a couple although there’s a spark between them.
Jane Foster is not referenced at all in the script.
Thor, Hulk and Valkyrie have to find the Soul Gem in order to defeat Loki and Hela, who has helped Loki usurp the throne, but is also planning to destroy the Nine Realms in the Ragnarok.
Loki is eventually betrayed by Hela and helps Thor defeat her, but then Loki betrays him as well and gives the Soul Gem to Thanos, as well as the location of the other Infinity Stones, for his own protection when Thanos launches his offensive on the universe.
Skurge is Hela’s champion, but he follows her under false pretenses, and turns against her when he finds out what her true plans are, holding off her armies alone at the cost of his own life to give Thor a chance.
Surtur and the Fenris Wolf will appear, among others.
Odin has been living as a vagrant on Earth ever since Loki usurped the throne and banished him. He gets his full power back in the final scene to battle the Ragnarok monsters.
Sif, the Warriors Tree and Heimdall are returning. Heimdall dies.
Doctor Strange will have a cameo.


While promoting the upcoming crossover comic from IDW, Ivan Reitman is placing an interesting amount of emphasis on “a single” Ghostbusters “universe”:

I’ve always wanted to meld the two worlds. It would be great fun to see them all together for the first time and I think it’s important for the future that we bring it back into a single universe.



A new photo posted to the Rock’s Instagram theoretically teases a meeting between Black Adam and Superman, presumably for the Shazam movie, assuming it means anything at all other than superheroic co-workers having lunch.

Captain Underpants

Entertainment Weekly has our first look.

The LEGO Batman Movie

Batman dons one of his lesser-known Bat-suits in this new image.

Wonder Woman

Another a new photo from Entertainment Weekly shows Diana taking advantage of the fashions of Man’s world.

Alien: Covenant

Michael Fassbender plays the piano — barefoot, for some reason — in a new promo photo.

And here are a few more new images:

Empire has another photo of Katherine Waterson as Daniels. Although her haircut may have been inspired by Fantastic Beasts, she’s looking a lot like Jennifer Jason Leigh in Single White Female here.

And here’s an interview where the Neomorphs are discussed (a little).

Spider-Man: Homecoming

Tom Holland dons a toy Iron Spider mask in an Instagram video, which is of course causing many people to freak out. Although since Tony Stark has been rumoured to be giving Peter Parker a lot of tech in the film, maybe the Iron Spider suit isn’t completely far-fetched.


Patrick Wilson, who’s playing Aquaman’s brother Orm, is hitting the gym.

Teen Wolf

Matthew Del Negro will return for the show’s final season.

#daddysback #teenwolf

A photo posted by Matthew Del Negro (@mattydel) on

Legends of Tomorrow

The Legends decide on a name for their adversaries in this new promo video.

Sleepy Hollow

Ichabod comes to Washington DC and meets his new partner in this promo for the show’s fourth season debut in January.


David Haller uses his incredible mental powers to summon a new poster.


Co-showrunner Mark Gatiss discusses whether the upcoming fourth season will be the show’s last.

We honestly don’t know. These three [episodes], we’ve very, very pleased with them. And everybody’s very keen to carry on. It’s just genuinely difficult to schedule everyone’s diaries. It was a nightmare to schedule this season… and that’s not going to go away. I mean, the success of Doctor Strange is not going to make Benedict short of work.

[TV Line]

The 100

Executive producer Jason Rothenberg on Octavia:

Octavia’s story in Season 4 is amazing. She’s got quite a journey ahead of her, and it gets darker before it gets lighter. She’s taking a detour into assassin land. She’ll do whatever she feels she needs to do to hide the pain from the loss of Lincoln. Who is she? She’s not Skaikru. She’s not Trikru. Who is she now that Lincoln is gone, and that her brother — in her mind — is responsible for so many difficult choices? They have some work to do on their relationship. It’s too bad there aren’t any family therapists in this future.
Part of Bellamy’s journey is realising that Octavia is her own person and that he needs to let her figure things out for herself. He feels incredibly protective of her. His identity, in my ways, is wrapped up in her existence. He feels like her parent, and like all parents, he needs to realise that you have to let your children fly on their own at some point.

[TV Line]


A new pics from episode 2×11, which the far too amusing title “Stewardess Interruptus”.

The Librarians

And finally, here’s a synopsis for “And the Eternal Question”, which sounds just wonderfully insane:

A rash of people spontaneously combusting leads the Librarians to a holistic spa run by vampires, who have discovered the secret to walking in the sun.

[Spoiler TV]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson. Banner art by Jim Cooke.