Watch These Aussies Take 'Safety Third' Very, Very Seriously

Journey with us into the unhinged bowels of the Australian bush, where the extremely Australian and South African sounding duo of Skat and Wozza have a Ford Festiva modified to get “more f*&^in’ airborne, mate.”

Per Australian Safety Standard No. 35035S, section A, part U WOT M8?, subheading “We Made This Up,” feats of “hold my beer and watch this” are no longer permitted unless the beer is shown in the introduction to the film.

Please take care to use the appropriate size of nail when constructing your ramp built of a few sparse random boards, and be sure to don a motorcycling helmet and a short wetsuit should you be engaging in activities near water. This is a family show, so we need to keep things to the utmost standard of safety third.

“It’s all about family values,” Skat explains. “Really, it’s about family values and beer. Beer. Victoria Bitter, mother’s milk.”

The little Festiva didn’t want to give up even after launching into a pond, but was ultimately consumed by fire. Rust in peace, Festiva.

[Disclaimer: Gizmodo and Jalopnik do not recommend that you try this at home. The only place you should be driving after a few beers is in Gran Turismo or iRacing.]

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