Watch Emma Watson Get Trapped By Silicon Valley's Claws In The Circle

Video: The new trailer for The Circle just dropped, and boy, the kings of Silicon Valley are not going to be pleased.

The film, based on Dave Eggers' 2013 dystopian novel of the same name, tells the story of Emma Watson's Mae Holland, who goes to work for a mysterious and powerful Silicon Valley company called — you guessed it — The Circle. The company is definitely not based on tech giants that rhyme with Schmoogle, Flapple and Macebook, and it's definitely just a coincidence that its campus resembles this one and its interview process is seemingly identical to this one. It's also run by a very creepy dude played by Tom Hanks. Run, Emma! Run away from The Hanks and his super-surveillance apparatus before it's too late!

While the movie appears to veer off into dystopian hand-wringing at some points — there's a scene involving Watson and John Boyega exploring a cavernous room full of scary servers, as well as what looks like a very dramatic kayaking accident — it will, with any luck, serve up the skewering Silicon Valley deserves.

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