Vodafone Will Sell You A Sony Phone And A PS4 So You Can Sony While You Sony

Vodafone Will Sell You A Sony Phone And A PS4 So You Can Sony While You Sony

Do you need a new phone? Could you also use a new PS4 while you’re at it, too? Vodafone has a new bundle that gets you a shiny new PlayStation 4 Slim and Sony’s mid-range Xperia X — presumably so you can play PS4 games on your phone using Remote Play.

The Xperia X is, by all accounts, a decent mid-range phone: a 5-inch Full HD screen, a mid-weight Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 hexa-core processor, 23-megapixel camera, and Sony’s straightforward skin on the Android 6.0 Marshmallow operating system. The PS4 in the bundle is the new, slim PlayStation 4, too: it’s smaller, quieter and cooler than the original but doesn’t have quite the graphical oomph of the PS4 Pro.

The kinda cool standout part of the bundle, though, is that Sony is throwing in the little Game Control Mount that lets you suction-cup your phone to your PS4 controller. Then, using Remote Play, you can play PS4 games through your phone anywhere you’re on wi-fi. We’ve tried it out and as long as you have half-decent internet wherever you are, it works pretty damn well.

The bundle will set you back $75 every month on a 24 month contract — $70 of that is for the phone and plan, and $5 is for the PS4. One caveat, though: the bundle won’t be available in store for you to pick up. Sony tells us you’ll have to ask in Vodafone stores for more details on that, but fingers crossed your new PlayStation gets to you before Christmas does.