This Daenerys Targaryen Figure Will Take What Is Hers, With Fire And Blood

Turns out that what is hers, is your wallet. Truly, she is the breaker of chains.

ThreeZero has unveiled its latest Game of Thrones figure, of everyone's favourite Khaleesi, Daenerys Targaryen. Based on Dany's outfit from season three of the show, the 1:6th scaled figure is around 10.2" tall, and comes with the Meereenese slaver's whip, the "armour" tunic she wears over her dress in the latter half of the season, alternate hands for posing or holding accessories, her cloak, and of course, a tiny Drogon to go with her.

Before you let out a hearty WHERE ARE MY DRAGONSSSSS, if you want Rhaegal and Viserion, you'll have to snag yourself the deluxe version of Dany, available directly from ThreeZero's webstore, which includes them and a bonus perch to put one of your fire-breathing friends on.

The standard edition version of Daenerys will set you back $US168 ($230), while the THERE ARE MY DRAGONSSSSS edition with Rhaegal and Viserion will be $US180 ($246) — but you'll have to wait until later in 2017 for her to finally arrive on the shores of Westeros... er, your doorstep.


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