These Are The Cheapest Unlimited NBN Plans In Each Australian City

These Are The Cheapest Unlimited NBN Plans In Each Australian City

The NBN might not be available everywhere, but if you live in the heart of a major Australian city you’re pretty spoiled for choice. Deciding which plan to sign up for can therefore be a bit daunting. If you require lots of data at the cheapest possible price, this roundup of unlimited NBN plans will help to narrow down your selection.

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The following NBN plans are for metro areas in each Australian state and territory. If you live in a rural area or a suburb that has yet to be connected to the NBN, you will obviously need to look elsewhere. The results below are for non-bundled, unlimited data plans on a 12-month contract. Bear in mind that you’ll need to pay a separate line rental if you require a home phone number.

It’s also worth paying attention to the plan inclusions — some come with a wireless modem, for example, while others require you to supply your own. Internet speed can also vary depending on the plan. (These are all Tier 1 plans, which means you’re not getting wholesale access speeds of 100 Mbps download and 40 Mbps upload over NBN fibre.)

To find out more about a plan and/or sign up, you can click on the Details box in the tables below. As we’ve focused on the cheapest plans in each major city, you won’t find the big ISP players like Telstra and iiNet on this list. Naturally, you should do some research into the quality of connections and customer service before signing up.




Western Australia

South Australia



Northern Territory

Has anyone had dealings with one of the above ISP providers? How did you find their service? Let us know in the comments!